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Fourth Wing By Rebecca Yarros

Fourth Wing By Rebecca Yarros

Forth Wing By Rebecca Yarros is an incredibly captivating book that sweeps you away into its immersive world. The intricate details of its world building and the compelling storyline completely absorb you, making it difficult to put the book down. The conflicts and politics within the narrative are so intriguing, creating a sense of mystery and suspense that keeps you hooked until the very end. The characters are wonderfully complex, and the emotions and subtleties conveyed through the dragons are remarkably genuine. Once you start reading, you’ll find yourself irresistibly drawn into this seductive tale.

Fourth Wing By Rebecca Yarros
Fourth Wing By Rebecca Yarros

Fourth Wing (Characters)

Violet – Violet is an extraordinary character, embodying strength, determination, intelligence, and compassion. Her unwavering perseverance and protectiveness towards her loved ones make her highly relatable. Witnessing Violet’s growth throughout the story was a delight, as she discovered her true strength and realized her potential to overcome any challenge.

Xaden – Xaden, a captivating and striking individual, captured my heart completely. His strong physique and caring nature made him irresistible. Beneath his initial facade of ruthlessness, his character development showcased a softer side that was incredibly endearing. Xaden’s unwavering loyalty and protective instincts towards Violet, while still respecting her independence, further deepened their relationship.

Side Characters – The supporting cast added depth and humor to the narrative. Liam, with his kind and loyal nature, won my affection. The dragons, Tairn and Adarana, exuded power, loyalty, and a captivating sense of badassery. Rhiannon, Sawyer, and Ridoc also brought their own unique personalities to the mix, enhancing the overall richness of the story.

Fourth Wing (Romance)

Romance – The gradual progression from enemies to lovers was masterfully executed. The palpable tension and sizzling chemistry between Xaden and Violet were nothing short of electrifying. Their deep connection was apparent, allowing their romance to flourish as they discovered more about each other. Their honesty in acknowledging mistakes and understanding one another only strengthened their bond. The romance was spiced with intimate scenes that had me blushing and smiling, adding a delightful layer of excitement to their love story.


Despite a few shortcomings that detracted from my overall enjoyment, the story was exceptionally well-written. For me, the pacing lagged during the middle third, causing a loss of momentum. Both the pages and the romance unfolded at a slow burn, which contributed to this. Additionally, while parts of the ending were captivating, there were aspects I both loved and disliked. The twist, although superb, felt somewhat overwritten and contrived.

Setting those concerns aside, the majority of the book was a delight, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone. The concept of being tested by authoritative figures, pursued by peers, and relying on one’s instincts and determination resonates with me. The triumph of the characters as dragon riders was particularly satisfying, and it left us eagerly anticipating the sequel.

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