By – Christopher C. Doyle

Son of Bhrigu is the first book of The Pataala Prophecy by Christopher C. Doyle will leave you dumbfounded, stupefied and thunderstruck. The language used by Doyle is suitable, he has conveyed so many things, so many details through limited words, a unique characteristic among writers.

I always try to read books that are based on Hinduism. So that is the reason I picked up this novel and I was not frustrated at any point while reading the book. Though it is a fictional story it has some good knowledge that one can acquire and learn to live better.

Two teenagers, who lived life of normalcy just like we all do; suddenly came to know about the whole new world of wonders- which they couldn’t even dream about! And soon they find out that they are the important part of a ‘prophecy’ and that they have a responsibility on their shoulders to be fulfilled in order to save the ‘Bhoo-lok’ from the evil plans of the great ‘Shukracharya’
The book revolves around two 15 year-old, Arjun and Maya, living normal lives in Delhi but everything changes as their favourite history teacher followed by Maya’s father gets brutally killed in a very bizarre manner.

The series of events occur in a very rapid manner as they end up in a Gurukul where both Maya and Arjun discover the true flash back story of Arjun. They came to know that the son of Bhrigu- Shukra is after Arjun and wants to kill him because of the prophecy Saptarishis has made. Now, everyone at Gurukul must fight the enemy, who has attained unknown powers by Tapasya or so called meditation for 5000 years, to save humankind from his destruction.

However, halfway through the Novel, with all the prophecy things it was like reading Harry Potter again, but this time in an Indian setting. Despite this resemblance, this book has its charm and delight.

Finally, I want to assert that this is a wonderful book. Go for it. This is just the first book of the series, who knows what is for us in the next book.