Somebody’s daughter by Ashley C. Ford is honest, loving and beautifully written. This is a coming of age memoir that not only portrays the memories of her past, but seats them in the encounters of the present. All through the journal, you truly get an extraordinary feeling of the author’s conflicting sentiments about her family. They have a deep love for one another, however a few parts of the relationship are quite toxic.

Somebody's daughter By Ashley C. Ford | Honest, Loving And Beautifully Written
Somebody’s daughter By Ashley C. Ford Is Honest, Loving And Beautifully Written

Our writer, Ashley Ford, has written about her childhood and young adulthood in this book. She’s trying to survive poverty and her body’s changes, and managing everyday financial crisis. Through this all, she admires her dad as the truest form of love in her life. Even though he is in jail during most part of this book, and it is unknown why he is there. During all these battles, she was raped by an awful ex and needs to figure out how to reconcile her dad’s wrongdoing with the dad she loves.

It feels raw, intimate and emotional. Deeply infused with adoration and its desires. Is seems as if the author has opened up about her inner self with positively no inhibitions. Beside the source material, it is this rawness that will in general prompt a deep inconvenience in a way that just brutal unfiltered truth can.

It is about the bonds we share as people and as a family. What they intend to us, and how they develop. The discrepancy between the thing you are attempting to convey and what gets conveyed. The deep discomfort that plague us all. How the past never really remains in the past. Furthermore, the road to healing is long and desolate.

Ford is a good writer, and she was able to describe different periods of her life so well. It nearly convinced me that she wrote those sections years prior as she was living them.

Honestly, I was unable to get a few parts of this book out of my head. Especially the part in which she talks about the way people stared and commented on her developing body. It truly made me see through her eyes, the horrible manner by which young, Black, female bodies can be over sexualized by society. I could FEEL the disgrace she encountered through raw and vulnerable writing.

I was also impressed by the self-awareness throughout the Somebody’s daughter by Ashley C. Ford. Her honesty and the manner in which she can see her own experiences is really what makes this book so uncommon.

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