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Saw X Review: The Evolution of Horror in Saw Movies

Saw X Review: The Evolution of Horror in Saw Movies

Saw X Review: Since its inception in 2004, the Saw franchise has seared its distinctive brand of horror into the minds of audiences worldwide. The series, famed for its torturous traps and sadistic scenarios, has experienced a fluctuating journey in terms of audience reception. “Saw X,” directed by Kevin Greutert and released on 28 September 2023, makes a triumphant return to the series’ roots, pushing the boundaries of horror cinema once again.

The Resurgence of John Kramer

“Saw X” sees the return of Tobin Bell as the iconic John Kramer, aka Jigsaw. The narrative unfolds weeks after the events of the first movie, diving deep into Kramer’s pursuit of a “miracle” cure for his terminal cancer in Mexico. The movie adeptly pays homage to its predecessors, maintaining the franchise’s trademark blend of gore, ingenious traps, and Jigsaw’s twisted sense of morality. For fans and newcomers alike, the movie offers a seamless entry into the complex psyche of one of horror’s most notorious anti-heroes.

Saw X Review: The Evolution of Horror in Saw Movies
Saw X Review: The Evolution of Horror in Saw Movies

Plot: A Journey of Retribution and Horror

The story begins with John Kramer finding hope in an experimental treatment, promising remission from his relentless cancer. However, hope turns to horror as Kramer realizes that the cure is nothing but a fraudulent scheme preying on the vulnerable. Infused with a newfound purpose, Kramer, along with his apprentice, exacts a terrifying retribution on the con artists, subjecting them to a horrifying new series of traps.

The Unseen Emotion and Intensity

What makes “Saw X” distinctive is its attempt to illustrate a more emotionally resonant side of John Kramer. The emotional depth added to Kramer’s character, coupled with Tobin Bell’s outstanding performance, elevates the movie from its predecessors. The unexpected emotional scenes between Bell and Shawnee Smith, reprising her role as Amanda Young, accentuate the underlying intensity of the movie, weaving a tapestry of sorrow and horror.

The Evolution of Gore and Suspense

The franchise has seen its share of graphic content, but “Saw X” cranks the gore up to unprecedented levels. The concoction of gruesome traps and relentless retribution makes for scenes so intense that they will make even the staunchest fans’ stomachs churn. The innovative narrative by Peter Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg harmoniously balances the gut-wrenching gore with coherent storytelling, keeping the audience hooked, albeit with faces turned away occasionally.

Casting: A Symphony of Stellar Performances

The casting is impeccable with actors like Synnøve Macody Lund, Steven Brand, and Michael Beach delivering captivating performances. Lund, in particular, stands out as Cecilia Pederson, the cold and conniving ringleader of the scam, portraying her character’s sinister nature with refined prowess. The supporting cast, including Renata Vaca, Paulette Hernandez, Joshua Okamoto, and Octavio Hinojosa, further enriches the movie’s overall allure.

Saw X Review: The Evolution of Horror in Saw Movies
Saw X Review: The Evolution of Horror in Saw Movies

The Impact and Reception

“Saw X,” with its meticulous direction, a tight screenplay, and extraordinary performances, is not merely a film; it’s a harrowing experience. The series has come full circle, with “Saw X” serving as a testament to its enduring legacy in the horror genre. The movie, despite its exceptionally graphic content, manages to attract both niche viewers who enjoy the gorefest and those new to the genre.


In “Saw X,” Kevin Greutert has breathed new life into the Saw franchise, marking the evolution of horror with its enriched storyline, emotional depth, and heightened gore. This movie is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who revel in its grotesque brilliance, it’s a masterpiece and a potent addition to the series.

The film’s impact is amplified by its music, composed by Charlie Clouser, and its distribution by Lionsgate Films, reinforcing its prominence in the horror film landscape. “Saw X” is a sick and slick representation of horror, a journey of macabre revelations best experienced on the big screen, making it a powerful beacon in the evolution of horror in the famed Saw series.

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