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10 Marvel Superheroes We Want on The Big Screen (Longing for Live Action Debuts)

10 Marvel Superheroes We Want on The Big Screen (Longing for Live Action Debuts)

Marvel Comics is a repository of hidden gems, each superhero a unique blend of power and story. We’ve all been enthralled by the diverse exploits of the Avengers, followed Spider-Man’s acrobatics between skyscrapers, and witnessed the unique world of the X-Men. Yet, several unsung heroes are still waiting in the wings, poised to make their cinematic debuts. The air is thick with the anticipation and wishes of fans eager to see “10 Marvel Superheroes We Want on The Big Screen (Longing for Live Action Debuts).” In this article, we will spotlight ten such superheroes, who are ready to dazzle audiences, broaden the Marvel cinematic horizon, and introduce fresh narratives and unexplored territories within the vast Marvel Cinematic Universe.


10 Marvel Superheroes We Want on The Big Screen (Longing for Live Action Debuts) - Hercules
10 Marvel Superheroes We Want on The Big Screen (Longing for Live Action Debuts) – Hercules

Hercules in the Marvel Comics Universe is a character rich with narrative potential and compelling mythological connection, yet to make his full-force debut in the live-action realm of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With his incredible strength, immortality, and storied history from Greek mythology, Hercules presents a wealth of storytelling opportunities, allowing for exploration into themes of heroism, divinity, and humanity.

In the comics, Hercules is portrayed as a boisterous and brave character, often providing a contrasting, more grounded and human perspective compared to the noble Thor. Hercules’ storied background allows for the integration of various mythological elements and creatures, offering a fresh, diverse palette of narratives and conflicts in the MCU.

The introduction of Hercules can bring a combination of humor, action, and mythological exploration, adding another layer to the multifaceted Marvel Universe. With his vibrant personality and legendary feats, Hercules can provide audiences with a refreshing mix of epic adventures and insightful explorations of the human condition through the lens of a divine being.

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill
Beta Ray Bill

Numerous speculations surround his potential introduction, particularly in the upcoming fifth Thor movie (if made), where his presence could significantly influence the film’s narrative and tone. Beta Ray Bill’s alien and cybernetic origins, coupled with his sentient spaceship, Skuttlebutt, would infuse Thor 5 with a profound sci-fi vibe, steering the narrative deeper into cosmic realms and technological wonders.

Given the lukewarm response to “Love and Thunder,” the introduction of Beta Ray Bill could be the pivotal element, redefining the series’ tone, shifting it from its traditional fantasy roots to more intricate science fiction landscapes, addressing the audience’s desire for novelty and complexity. This shift would not only rejuvenate the Thor series but also broaden the scope of the MCU, exploring new civilizations, technologies, and cosmic dimensions.

However, the anticipatory whispers surrounding Beta Ray Bill’s debut are still shrouded in mystery, leaving fans conjecturing about when and how this iconic character will make his grand entrance. His inclusion would undoubtedly open up a treasure trove of storytelling possibilities, bridging realms of fantasy and science fiction, and potentially reshaping the future trajectory of the MCU’s celestial narratives. Only time will reveal the extent and timing of Beta Ray Bill’s eagerly awaited cinematic journey.

Captain Britain

10 Marvel Superheroes We Want on The Big Screen (Longing for Live Action Debuts) - Captain Britain
10 Marvel Superheroes We Want on The Big Screen (Longing for Live Action Debuts) – Captain Britain

Captain Britain, or Brian Braddock, is another Marvel superhero whose appearance on the big screen is highly anticipated by fans. He was chosen by Merlin and his daughter Roma to be the defender of Britain, a role imbued with a sense of national pride and duty. As the protector of the multiverse and Britain’s counterpart to Captain America, Brian Braddock carries an immense weight of responsibility and an array of powerful abilities, including superhuman strength, flight, and durability.

The emergence of Captain Britain would enable the MCU to delve deeper into multiverse concepts, potentially introducing alternate realities, unexplored territories, and myriad dimensions, opening doors to a plethora of narrative possibilities. It can bring about opportunities for the MCU to explore various time lines.



The celestial warrior with Asgardian roots and a unique blend of attributes, “Angela” is a character that can add layers to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Originally from Todd McFarlane’s “Spawn,” Angela, or Aldrif Odinsdottir, represents a fusion of rich backstories and potent potential, waiting to unfold her stories of celestial realms and familial intricacies on the big screen. Angela’s unprecedented introduction would not only diversify and deepen the Asgardian narratives but would also bring forth complex themes of duty, lineage, and celestial conflicts, enriching the Marvel narratives with her powerful presence and diverse experiences.


10 Marvel Superheroes We Want on The Big Screen (Longing for Live Action Debuts) - Nova 
10 Marvel Superheroes We Want on The Big Screen (Longing for Live Action Debuts) – Nova 

Nova, embodied by Richard Rider, remains a yet-to-be-explored marvel in the cinematic universe. Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe has teased us with hints and laden with speculations about his appearance, we haven’t witnessed this intergalactic guardian in his full, resplendent force yet. A member of the cosmic police force, Nova Corps, Nova represents a fusion of formidable cosmic power and interstellar justice. Fans are on the edge of their seats, anticipating a journey interwoven with thrilling space escapades and overwhelming challenges.

His long-awaited introduction promises a deeper delve into Marvel’s cosmic realm, unveiling new territories, alliances, and adversaries. The manifestation of Nova on the big screen is eagerly awaited, poised to unveil new layers to the ever-expansive and diverse Marvel Universe.

Darkhawk (Chris Powell)

Darkhawk (Chris Powell)
Darkhawk (Chris Powell)

Created in the 90s, Darkhawk offers a mix of teenage angst and superhero action, combined with a touch of mystery and science fiction. Chris discovers a mysterious amulet that allows him to transform into a mechanized, armored avenger, Darkhawk, delving into adventures filled with intrigue, challenge, and self-discovery.

With his unique amalgamation of technology and human elements, Darkhawk promises a distinct narrative, exploring themes of power, responsibility, and identity transformation in the vast Marvel Cinematic Universe. His introduction can provide a fresh perspective on teenage superhero experiences, amalgamating the struggles of adolescence with the responsibilities of newfound abilities.

Speedball (Robbie Baldwin)

10 Marvel Superheroes We Want on The Big Screen (Longing for Live Action Debuts) - Speedball (Robbie Baldwin)
10 Marvel Superheroes We Want on The Big Screen (Longing for Live Action Debuts) – Speedball (Robbie Baldwin)

Robbie Baldwin, is a character teeming with vibrant energy and unique powers. Baldwin, initially a student in the fictional town of Springdale, gains kinetic energy-based powers following a science experiment gone awry, adopting the superhero moniker “Speedball.” Robbie’s character would bring an air of youthful exuberance and a distinct visual flair to the MCU with his colorful, energy-rebounding abilities. His presence can weave a tale of youthful resilience and exploration into the moral and ethical dimensions of superhero life, providing a fresh, energetic perspective in contrast to the more seasoned superheroes in the Marvel roster.

Pathway (Laura Dean)

Pathway (Laura Dean)
Pathway (Laura Dean)

Known as Laura Dean in her civilian life, she is a character in the Marvel Universe with a unique set of powers that can add a different dimension to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). She is a mutant with the power to create teleportation portals, allowing for instantaneous travel between two locations, which opens up a myriad of narrative possibilities.

In the current climate of the MCU, with a conspicuous rise in strong, dynamic female characters, Pathway can play a pivotal role in furthering this trend. Her unique abilities offer a fresh approach to exploring the intricate Marvel landscapes and can create new paradigms in the dynamics of superhero interactions and confrontations.

Laura’s journey, exploring her powers and navigating her responsibilities, could present a unique narrative arc within the MCU, reflecting themes of self-discovery, dimensional exploration, and the relentless pursuit of justice, while also expanding the representation of powerful female characters in the universe.

Patriot (Eli Bradley)

10 Marvel Superheroes We Want on The Big Screen (Longing for Live Action Debuts) - Patriot (Eli Bradley)
10 Marvel Superheroes We Want on The Big Screen (Longing for Live Action Debuts) – Patriot (Eli Bradley)

Eli Bradley, a potent symbol of youthful leadership within the Young Avengers, holds a unique lineage as the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, the Black Captain America. This young hero, embodying resilience and courage, delves into multifaceted themes of legacy, identity, and the nuanced dynamics of responsibility. The journey of Eli Bradley provides a window into the complexities of embracing a heroic mantle in today’s world, offering a symbol of hope and justice reminiscent of Captain America, yet with a more adolescent, vulnerable facet.

With Marvel navigating a path of inclusivity and dynamic character introductions, Patriot represents the transformative essence of modern-day heroism in the MCU. The incorporation of Patriot could enrich the MCU by revealing a more youthful, raw side of the Captain America legacy, contributing depth to the evolving tapestry of Marvel narratives and offering audiences a refreshing perspective on heroism, youthful determination.

Night Thrasher (Dwayne Taylor)

Night Thrasher (Dwayne Taylor)
Night Thrasher (Dwayne Taylor)

Dwayne Taylor, may not resonate as a household name among the current generation of Marvel fans, but his potential introduction to the MCU could breathe new life into the superhero realm. Taylor, a self-made hero with no superhuman abilities but armed with intellect, martial arts skills, and advanced technology, stands as a symbol of determination and human resilience.

Night Thrasher’s vigilante approach to crime-fighting, combined with his relentless pursuit of justice, would introduce a gritty, grounded perspective within the MCU’s vast array of characters, echoing the realism found in characters like Tony Stark and Natasha Romanoff. His narrative can bring forward themes of human ingenuity, moral conviction, and the relentless pursuit of justice in the face of overwhelming odds.

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