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Reading Books On Phone: Is It A Good Idea?

Reading Books On Phone: Is It A Good Idea?

Ebooks are on the rise – there is no question about that. Especially during the lockdown, when people did not have access to physical books, free online books were the go-to. But how far are these books good for a reader? Today’ we’ve listed the pros and cons of reading books on phone and find out is it a good idea?

Pros (Reading Books On Phone)

Easily accessible

Since people carry their phones around all day, e-books are easily accessible at any time of the day and at any place. Also, these books are available in abundance (especially classics) on free digital libraries. They may also be available on a subscription or paid basis, which gives access to rarer and more sublime manuscripts that may not be available in print. Plus, there’s no chance of them running out or being sold out.

Reading Books On Phone: Is It A Good Idea?
Reading Books On Phone: Is It A Good Idea?

Portable in nature

Tying in with the first point, e-books are portable, and you can easily carry them around wherever you want. You don’t have to worry about taking care of a fragile physical book, or about where to keep it when you’re busy. It is always available on your phone, and you can read it whenever you like – maybe in the small bursts of breaks you get at work, or while commuting in the train?

Don’t take up space

The best thing about books on mobiles is that they occupy only virtual space. This means that you don’t need to carry a handbag large enough to fit them, or worry about their edges fraying or people dog earing them. They are so efficient to carry around with you, unlike physical books. They don’t even occupy space on bookshelves, keeping your home and bag free of dumping.

Can be stored indefinitely

Unlike physical books which need donation after a while when their print fades away or the binding tears, these can be stored forever. Or at east until you have the device. They need virtually no maintenance or care, and will always be there in the folder you saved them in. You can access them after ages, and they will still be there.

Reading Books On Phone: Is It A Good Idea?
Reading Books On Phone: Is It A Good Idea?

Cons (Reading Books On Phone)

Strain the eyes

Of course, e-books strain the eyes. This is even worse than kindles and tablets on phones, because the size of the screen is smaller. Not only does this cause headaches and eye impairment but also damages the optic nerve and is detrimental toe eyesight. The physical effects of e-books far outweigh their pros of accessibility and portability.

Don’t have the feel of physical books

For all their advantages, e-books lack one fundamental thing that is super important for books – the feeling. Physical books somehow transport you into a different time and space. The smell and feel of books, along with the sight of the words on the page provides an ineffable experience that nothing can replicate.

Cause disturbance in attention spans

E-books can significantly affect attention spans. Because notifications and other things keep popping up on phones while reading, the reading experience is uninterrupted. Moreover, it’s easier to get distracted and stop reading to hop on Instagram and other social networking sites, due to their proximity. This spoils the reading stint and lowers attention spans.

Reading Books On Phone: Is It A Good Idea?
Reading Books On Phone: Is It A Good Idea?

Are harder to appreciate in a literary capacity

Setting plays a role in the effect that books have on the mind, and e-books almost always are less impactful than physical books. E-books will not make you laugh or cry as hard, or make you fall in love with characters as much. They don’t have the vibe that physical books do. Plus, physical books meant for slow processing, which means you get to revel in the plot and characters, while e-books are read usually in a busy frency.

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