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Positive Self Talk : It's Benefit on Mental Health

Positive Self Talk : It’s Benefit on Mental Health

Positive Self Talk : It’s Benefit on Mental Health: In today’s world we can’t ignore mental health issues and the importance of mental health is as important as physical health. Mental wellbeing is a very vital need of the hour specially post covid crisis. There are many ways to achieve mental wellbeing or avoid mental health issues. Positive self talk is the best way to balance pressure in today’s toxic environment.

Deteriorating Mental Health 

Mental health issues have been considered taboo for long and it still has a stigma around it. The notion of hiding mental health issues has been a common practice for long. People hide their issues, pressures and anxiety from society. And even don’t consider sharing or are scared of sharing it with their family and friends. At times even if mental health issues are shared it is not taken seriously and brushed under the carpets. In recent times there have been issues about mental health. People have started taking mental health issues as a serious concern now.

Positive Self Talk : It's Benefit on Mental Health
Positive Self Talk : It’s Benefit on Mental Health

In the past couple of years people have faced immense physical and mental strain. The pandemic made each and everyone aware of their shortcomings. In current situations people are connected very well via the internet and social  media but are very disconnected in real life. Socializing has reached a point where the word itself sounds ironic in itself. From the ancient ages humans have lived in groups and are social animals. But in the internet generation people are very disconnected and lonely.

The only thing that they have is their fake world of social media which is like slow poison. It only adds to one’s misery and fills the person with want of what others have in the virtual world (social media). This is the reason that many people have minimized or stopped using unnecessary social media platforms. A world where social media, expectations, competition and negativity attacks on individuals mental wellbeing. Our food, lifestyle, habits, work life balance, everything is taking us away from our mental well being and driving us towards the deterioration of our mental health. 

Positive self talk

Positivity is very important in today’s toxic times, except for your covid reports. But on a serious note, in current times we can find negativity everywhere but it’s very difficult to find positivity around us. So, what better than starting with yourself. It’s said that you are what your thoughts are and your thoughts play a very vital role in shaping up your personality.

Positive Self Talk : It's Benefit on Mental Health
Positive Self Talk : It’s Benefit on Mental Health

A positive mindset can do wonders for any individual. Self motivation or Positive self talk is no bad. When you are in a difficult or bad situation, the only difference in your state of mind is decided by your point of view. If you are thinking positively, there are chances that you may find a solution and get out of the difficulty. But if you start thinking negatively, it’s almost certain that you will add up to your problems and issues. Here self motivation and positive self talks do wonders. So, always try to be in a positive frame of mind. 


Anxiety and breakdowns are no more considered a weakness or laughable affair, at least this is what we would like to believe. But there are still many sections of societies where mental health still remains a taboo subject despite all the efforts made by many in recent times. The only thing we can do about it is being hopeful and spreading awareness in the hope that someday mental health becomes a less sensational but a serious subject in our society. With that people also start taking mental health issues seriously and at least show some compassion towards people who are suffering from mental health issues. 

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