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Overcome Laziness by Applying These Practical Strategies

Overcome Laziness by Applying These Practical Strategies

Amidst pandemic, online classes, and quarantine, it is hard for people to stay productive especially students. Despite knowing and providing consistent reminders to the self that they have to get up, they have to be more productive and they need to get used to the changes that have happened, it is tough for them to triumph over the laziness and stay out of the daily routine of being lethargic and uncreative. In this article, we will remind you how to overcome laziness by applying these practical strategies and hope it turns out to be helpful.

Set Your Goals for Active Life

To achieve anything, you need to act like it. You need to prove and earn your goal. To get anything you need to remind yourself about it every moment. If you want to get into a specific college, you need to study and act as a student for years as someone who deserves to be in that college. If you want to achieve 90% in your final semester, and that is your goal. Ask yourself and your every action, ‘will this bring you a 90%?’ These are the goals that you set for years or months. And following that ultimate goal, you need to create small goals that you will follow and complete every day to achieve that final goal. One of the best ways to achieve your goals and keep a track of your actions is to keep a bullet journal and do it regularly.

Overcome Laziness by Applying These Practical Strategies
Overcome Laziness by Applying These Practical Strategies

Make Changes Everyday

Try to make small changes every day with your life and yourself to feel productive. It is important to not be consistent with your everyday. As soon as you realize that you are following the same routine, you are doing the same things, sitting at the same place, and nothing new, your brain will start making you feel lazy and unproductive. When you get up in the morning change your sheets, shift your study table away from your bed and place it in a corner beside your favourite window. Move your plants from the balcony and keep them in front of the window. Change your route of running. These few small changes will make you realize that you are not doing the same old things every day.

Make Your Daily Objectives Look Attractive

When you set your goals for a week, try not to make it look like you have a mountain to move in a week. Keep it small and doable. Study for 2 hours after working out, study for 2 hours in the evening and study for two hours after having dinner and in between these keep small things that will make you feel productive. Perhaps listen to an audiobook, read 40 pages of a storybook, go to a nearby café and have your favourite beverage, or meet a friend.

By doing this, when you go to bed, you will not feel like you have studied way too much today but rather you will feel that you had a productive day, you went out, you did a few house chores and most importantly you studied for 6 hours. This is how you should start planning your journal, and when you realize you need to or you can push yourself to study for 8 hours, plan it accordingly.

Overcome Laziness by Applying These Practical Strategies

Avoid Distraction to Overcome Laziness

It is sad but we can indeed focus on our phone for hours but not in our books for 20 minutes. The most important thing if one wants to be creative and be active with the studies and priorities of their life, avoid distractions. Anything that is distracting you from your goal, avoid it. Of course, it is not easy to leave a bad habit abruptly, but one can avoid it completely and choose to distract them after a certain period. One of the best ways to avoid distraction but get a sufficient break from continuous studying is by applying the Pomodoro technique.

Pomodoro technique is a technique for time management and it was made during the late 1980s by Francesco Cirillo. In this technique, you use a timer and work straight for 25 minutes and then s short break and again back to 25 minutes of work. It will help you to take a break and take in everything you read or learned for 25 minutes. During that short break or 5-10 minutes, you can walk, make yourself a cup of coffee, or study a snack. But make sure to not use technology as a medium for your distraction. When you are studying you do not need a distraction. You can complete the study session of 2-3 hours and then go back to your cell phone but not in the middle of your study time.

Overcome Laziness by Applying These Practical Strategies
Overcome Laziness by Applying These Practical Strategies

Reward Yourself

A reward is necessary to remind you that you have completed your goal and you did a good job with your studies and work. If you have set a goal that you will study for 6 hours from Monday-Saturday or you will get A+ in your most hated subject, and you have managed to do it reward yourself. Buy yourself a new book, cactus, or any kind of plant to decorate your room or go to a new café that your friends have suggested.

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