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Origin Story of Green Lantern

Origin Story of Green Lantern

Origin Story of Green Lantern: The Guardians of the Universe are committed to maintaining order throughout the cosmos, but that doesn’t mean they are without mysteries. The reality about the birth of existence itself is concealed in plain sight inside Green Lantern’s origin narrative, despite the Guardians’ best efforts to keep it a secret.

The oldest and immortal entities in the universe are the Guardians of the Universe. They claimed for ages that they had observed the origin of life and that it had happened on their home planet, giving them the power to rule over all disputes throughout the universe. They use the Green Lanterns to uphold these beliefs because they are committed to upholding order and peace all across the universe as the guardians of the Green Lantern Corps.

Origin Story of Green Lantern

Alan Scott, the very first Green Lantern, was developed by Martin Nodell and Bill Finger in 1940, at the height of the first hero comics boom. He is a masked crusader who battles crime with a magic ring and lamp and can make almost anything happen with the strength of his will and imagination.

Writer John Broome, artist Gil Kane, and editor Julius Schwartz recreated the idea for the space era in 1959 as part of the line-wide redesign of struggling DC Comics characters, giving birth to a new Green Lantern called Hal Jordan. Jordan is the first person from Earth to join the intergalactic peacekeeping Green Lantern Corps.

Origin Story of Green Lantern
Origin Story of Green Lantern

Jordan has such a ring that can make thoughts come true, just like the original Green Lantern, but he is backed by cutting-edge alien technology used by more than 3,000 fellow Green Lanterns. In the following 35 years, Green Lantern comics included both standard superhero-versus-supervillain tales and expansive interstellar adventures featuring both people and aliens.

Powers & Abilities

The ring’s source of power is willpower. Each Green Lantern has a ring on their finger that gives them access to a range of abilities. The stories never go into detail about the ring’s capabilities, but two recurring characteristics are that it gives the capacity to fly and that all of its actions are followed by a green light.

The capacity to summon “constructs,” solid green structures that the Green Lantern may control telekinetically, is the hallmark ability of all Green Lanterns. These could be anything, such as a phantom fist to strike an adversary, a shield to deflect a blow, a sword to sever a rope, or chains to imprison someone.

These structures have always been green in appearance, regardless of their size or shape, unless a Lantern is knowledgeable enough to understand how to alter the EM spectrum the create produces. The Green Lantern Corps’ rings give their wearers the ability to travel over intergalactic distances incredibly swiftly, quickly enough to effectively patrol the cosmos.

Origin Story of Green Lantern
Origin Story of Green Lantern

They also eliminate the requirement to eat, sleep, and eliminate waste, enabling the user to survive in almost any environment. Almost every language spoken in the universe can be translated by the rings. They have strong sensors that can recognize and examine objects. Through the Book of Oa, lanterns are given complete control of all Guardian knowledge.


Throughout the many years that Green Lantern has been published, his origin story has been told in a variety of ways with notable continuity changes.

Silver Age

The Green Lantern in the original iteration in Showcase #22 of the Silver Age, was Hal Jordan, a test pilot who received a power ring from a dying extraterrestrial named Abin Sur and joined the Green Lantern Corps, an interplanetary police force supervised by the Guardians of the Universe. The Corps’ rings had a required impurity that rendered them useless against anything that was yellow in color. The Green Lantern of the Silver Age stood out in various ways.

He and his two siblings, Jack and Jim, were the first DC superheroes to have families. Carol Ferris, his love interest, is his first supporting actor. She was Hal’s superior and in control of Ferris Aircraft. Carol played an active role in attempting to win over Hal Jordan even though she favored Green Lantern over him. She even went so far as to make a Leap Year proposal to him. Jordan received some of her attention, but her career and her business always came first. At a time when strong-willed women with authority were uncommon, especially in comic books, Ferris was one. The Silver Age Green Lantern kept a journal of his exploits with the help of a young Inuit aircraft technician named Tom Kalmaku, also known as Pieface.

Origin Story of Green Lantern
Origin Story of Green Lantern


The Multiverse was put an end to by The Crisis on Infinite Earths, which also condensed the whole DC Universe into a new timeline. During this time, Gerard Jones’ two limited series, Emerald Dawn and Emerald Dawn II, retell and elaborate on the character’s origin tale. The first season built on the Corps’s history and included more information on his early years and his relationships with his brothers and father while the second season went into further detail regarding Jordan’s part in Sinestro’s demise.

In the 2008 Green Lantern series, a new origin story for the Green Lantern was presented. When Abin Sur, who is battling Atrocitus of the 5 Inversion, crashes near Coast City, Hal Jordan, who is working as Tom Kalmaku’s assistant mechanic and is barred from flying due to his disobedience while in the U.S. Air Force and his employers’ continuing guilt over his dad’s passing in the line of duty, is engaged in combat.

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