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NYPD Red 6 _ By - James Patterson and Marshall Karp

NYPD Red 6 : By – James Patterson and Marshall Karp

By – James Patterson and Marshall Karp

NYPD RED 6 is the 6th novel in the NYPD series. Detectives Kylie and Zach are brought in to deal with an abducting of the bride at the “Wedding of the Century”. Erin has been in the camera light, media light for the vast majority of her life. She is getting hitched and there is a camera group there archiving it all. I’m not saying a videographer, I’m talking about real television group. Her wedding will be a television special…until she disappears. At that point she turns into the lead story on the news. It’s upon NYPD Red to discover her before they hurt her!

NYPD RED 6 has more positives than negatives, although most awful things I can say rest in the endings of both story arcs: the kidnapping of Erin Easton AND the “ambulance burglaries”. The endings just appeared to be somewhat forced, and the former arc might have gone differently if a specific character hadn’t died unexpectedly early.

Like it’s archetype, NYPD RED 6 doesn’t pack a lot into one book (considering this is the slimmest novel in the series). In any case, it isn’t as modest as its previous novels. With everything taken into account, it isn’t really too bad a novel.

The NYPD Red series is a popular novel series of secret, suspense, spine chiller, and criminologist fiction books. The series is written by writer Marshall Karp, and co-written with James Patterson.

Every single book of this series has its setting done in New York, United States. writer Patterson has explained the series’ stories in a remarkable manner. He has mentioned a police unit NYPD Red that attempts to handle the violations and lawbreakers in New York. This police unit of hardworking and investigators is committed towards exploring the wrongdoings including prominent individuals, for example, political operatives, VIPs, rich residents, and The main heroes in all the novels is Kylie MacDonald and Zach Jordan. Both  characters are investigators in NYPD Red. In each novel, MacDonald and Jordan are given an exceptional case to deal with. Not just they are requested to research and tackle the cases, but additionally get out alive the honest individuals, whose lives are in danger during the whole time of the missions.

The books have all the earmarks of being elegantly written and portrayed with intriguing characters and settings. Every single one of the novels has a one of a kind story and goes along with some exceptionally energizing and never-seen heroes and adversaries. Zack Jordan and Kylie MacDonald uphold each other very well as partners. They generally figure out the issues in their own personal and professional lives, and have each other backing in doing so. As the novel pushes ahead, it has indicated that the two fall in love with one another. However, being engaged with another person makes it hard for them to acknowledge each other. However, as time passes by, they take care of this issue as well. The books turned out to be exceptionally effective in all spots.

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