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Not One of Us : By - Debbie Herbert is a haunting thriller rich with southern secrets and lies that will keep you hooked late into the night.

Not One of Us : By – Debbie Herbert ( Book Review and Podcast)

By – Debbie Herbert

Not One of Us is Another fabulous, haunting thriller from Debbie Herbert. With one secret after another springing up in a little community in southern Alabama. There is a lot of vulnerability in this convincing story shrewdly written by Debbie Herbert. The writer has a talent for taking the readers on an excursion of revealing hints and afterwards attempting to decide whether the data is reality or fiction. In NOT ONE OF US, the questions simply continue to mount, and I over and over attempted to choose if expected associations would wind up being checked or proven false. When the book was completed, I had encountered a huge number of feelings and survived some frightening situations with the principle characters.

At the point when Jori Trahern was in high school, her sweetheart vanished one night and was never heard from again. She at the end left the territory of Alabama and moved away, making her home in Mobile, yet she return occasionally to visit her grandma and younger sibling who has mental imbalance. however, when the older lady isn’t progressing nicely, Jori return to help her two nearest family members. While there to choose about their care. She learns a few details that may at last unveil the reality of what truly happened to her sweetheart and additionally to the some time in the past killing of one of her relatives. After another crime in the present, Jori needs answers thus does a neighborhood cop who wants to prove herself.

As I kept perusing NOT ONE OF US, my guesses regarding what had really unfolded in the past. As well as the current happenings continued changing with each new facts that was uncovered. Exactly when I thought I had sorted out, the writer would throw in another fact which left me considerably more confused. There are positively a great deal of unforeseen turns happening, and every one added to my advantage due to the expanding intrigue. The story is told from different perspectives, telling me what was in the mind of a few people concerning similar situation. Additionally, some previous occasions are portrayed when they occurred, demonstrating me reality with regards to these scenes.

My only complain with NOT ONE OF US is that the ending as it is over the top and depends on exceptional semi-supernatural powers that have scarcely been referenced and never showed until the second they are required. You additionally need to address whether even the most dumbest of criminals in the 21st century doesn’t realize that cell phones can be tracked. Overall, this is an enjoyable mystery with likeable heroes.

Podcast ( Not One of Us : By – Debbie Herbert )

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