Never Saw You Coming by Erin Hahn is a bold, poignant story. It is about self-discovery and personal growth. Likewise it tackles some hard and sensitive topics about females and the norms that are set for them in a particularly delightful, appealing and healing way. I completely enjoyed this reading and liked the delicacy by which Hahn handled some subjects (family betrayals, religion, self discovery, homophobia) never avoiding the genuine feelings of confusion and disappointment that can go with them. The story is intriguing, important and strong.

Never Saw You Coming By Erin Hahn Is A Bold, Poignant Story
Never Saw You Coming By Erin Hahn Is A Bold, Poignant Story

Meg Hennessey discovers that all that she thought she knew about her family and childhood is completely false. She’s deeply shaken and isn’t sure how she feels about such countless things given what she’s learned combined with each of the lessons she’s been taught growing up in the church. Meg sets off on an excursion to meet part of her family that she just found out about and furthermore to spread her wings a little.

Micah Allen is the child of a previous pastor who wound up in jail for doing exceptionally un-pastorly things. He has tremendously suffered due to his dad’s activities and it drove him from going to church, however it has additionally left him thinking whether he is doomed in his own specific manners because he is part of his dad.

At the point when Meg and Micah meet, they associate very quickly. The two of them are going through things and need somebody to lean on and they appear to be the ideal match in that manner. They can open to each other and truly share what they are feeling, which helps set them both on a way to starting to heal.

I likewise adored the way Meg’s storyline with her family worked out. In numerous ways, the “kids” in this story were more developed than the grown-ups and that was clear in how Meg conveyed and forgave her parents and how she so effectively and thoughtfully acknowledged the way her family dynamic moved on her.

I would recommend Never Saw You Coming by Erin Hahn to others. This book was a brilliant surprise and I feel that a lot of readers will discover something to identify with inside these pages. I certainly plan to read more of Erin Hahn’s work later on.

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