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If You Don’t Like To Read, You Haven’t Found The Right Book

If You Don’t Like To Read, You Haven’t Found The Right Book

If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book - Jk Rowling

“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book”

— JK Rowling

If you have always admired the bookworms that you occasionally have a chat with and fantasize yourself to be one, there are more reasons than you think why you haven’t ever succeeded in even trying this coveted venture of yours. Here you will get some strong reasons and simple solutions on how you are to achieve the level of finishing a book on one reading.

Choose your genre:

The first thing that you fail to do is determine what genre you like most. It also depends on your personality or your mood. If you start a film and cannot get to bed without figuring out who the villain of the story is, chances are that you have Sherlock-like deductive skills or have a propensity for solving cases. In that scenario, thrillers would be the best choice for you.

Personality dictates taste:

You may be bombarded with options when you ask your friends for recommendations. There might be a chance that the inner personality of yours is miles apart from them. If you are a science nerd who often dwells on the hypothetical world of future technology and scientific inventions and adventure, science fiction is the right genre for you.

If You Don’t Like To Read, You Haven’t Found The Right Book

Set your goal reasonably:

If you finally get to decide what genre you are comfortable with and eventually come up with a book, you still won’t hold this enthusiasm for long. This is because you have set your goal too high for a beginner. Just after listening to the fancy boasting of your friends about finishing books within hours, you also set to that path and fail miserably. You hardly cross 10 pages. The proverb slow and steady wins the race is apt advice for you in the situation.

The five-finger rule:

English may not your first language. So struggling to find the meaning of some particular words on a page is normal. But the decision whether to go ahead with a particular book is tough in the beginning. There is a simple trick to it. See if you have to tap your fingers on words more than 5 times or in other words, if there are five words at minimal that you find you don’t know, then quit reading the book. You will simply end up disappointed, and that too when it’s not your fault. Find a book which is easy for you to read. That only can hold your attention for long.

All glitters are not gold:

Choosing a book only because of its ratings and critical reviews or that you find its cover exquisite while scrolling Amazon is a bad manoeuvre to get the right one. Sometimes the bestsellers seem banal to some readers. The content is more important than the outward extravaganza of the cover.

The purpose:

If You Don’t Like To Read, You Haven’t Found The Right Book

It is important to determine why you are selecting one book out of thousands. If you are struggling with problems, and you need solution, the self-help books can be a boon for you. You can read philosophically insightful books and figure out spiritual questions like “who am I”. The romantic in you might spend hours reading books like ‘’100 year’s greatest romantic poems’’. On a rainy day, you might want a thrill. In that case, some horror ones might satisfy your adrenaline.

Non-fiction for illustration:

If you are tired with all the clichéd teen romantic and thriller novels, it is time you put your hands on non-fiction. History, politics, economics would not only be intriguing for you, but also they will enrich your analytical self with specific data which will enhance your capability of illustrative public speaking.

Classics to build the base:

If you are fed up with the conventional storytelling, you must up your gaze to the classics. Dickens, Austen, Tolstoy Orwell’s writing style will soothe your taste as well as will act as food for fresh thoughts.

On the last note, you should remember, in Francis Bacon’s words, some books are to be tasted, whereas some are to be swallowed.  Some books you should chew and digest. Some books should be read in parts and some others entirely with diligence and concentration.

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