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Nagraj (Origin Story) - An Indian Superhero From Raj Comics

Nagraj (Origin Story) – An Indian Superhero From Raj Comics

Perhaps the first superhero to appear in Raj Comics was Nagraj. Nagraj, who was created in 1986, was influenced by Spider-Man and Superman. He made a significant impact on the lives of Indian children and is renowned for eliminating terrorism. The King of Snakes, who swings across the Mahanagar to protect his city from crime, is described in detail here.

Nagraj (Origin Story)

Nagraj is a devout individual who enjoys drinking milk. He was conceived by King Takshakraj and Queen Lalita of the legendary realm of Takshaknagar. He was transported to Earth where he initially served as a mindless killing machine before gradually changing into a symbol of hope. Nagraj enjoys drinking milk since he is like a snake and is constantly on the lookout for those in need because to his strong moral compass.

His Powers

His body contains millions of miniature snakes. Nagraj possesses a variety of intriguing abilities because to the millions of microscopic snakes that live inside of him. Some of them—like Saudangi—have distinct personalities and have frequently offered assistance to Nagraj. In addition to possessing superhuman strength, stamina, durability, agility, and reflexes, Nagraj has the ability to hypnotise people, fire poison, shed his skin if it becomes damaged, and shapeshift. With Parmanu, he once produced a black hole!

Nagraj (Origin Story) - An Indian Superhero From Raj Comics
Nagraj (Origin Story) – An Indian Superhero From Raj Comics

Multiverse of Nagraj

Did you know? There are three different iterations of Nagraj available in Raj Comics’ own world. The first is titled “Nagraj” and adheres to the canon of the well-known superhero. The second one is “Aatankharta Nagraj,” in which he travels to various locations in an effort to combat and eradicate terrorism. In the third, “Narak Nashak Nagraj,” he battles magical creatures like vampires while dressed entirely differently.

No Copies

He has a superpower similar to Spider-Man and a Superman-like look. Comic book characters frequently draw inspiration from other characters (Thanos is obviously based on Darkseid!). Similarly, Nagraj’s persona bears a striking resemblance to Superman. Even his hair has an S-shaped tuft on it. To pay respect to Spider-Man, Nagraj swings across his city using snakes as ropes. His romantic interest is Visarpi, and his tutor is Baba Gorakhnath.

Rajkumar Gupta invented Nagraj, a superhero that appears in Indian comic books published by Raj Comics, in the late 1980s. Nagraj made his debut in the Parshuram Sharma and Pratap Mullick-written and -illustrated comic book Nagraj GENL #14. Following that, the character was alternatively illustrated for 44 issues by Sanjay Ashtpure, Pratap Mullick, Chandu, Milind Misal, and Vitthal Kamble, with the final issue being 1995’s Visarpi Ki Shadi.

Nagraj (Origin Story) - An Indian Superhero From Raj Comics
Nagraj (Origin Story) – An Indian Superhero From Raj Comics

The legendary Ichchhadhari Nag (shape-shifting snakes) and historical Vishmanushya are thought to have served as inspiration for Nagraj (venomous human). Science fiction, magic, fantasy, and mythology are all beautifully woven together in his novels. Many of Nagraj’s admirers think that over time, Nagraj’s comics have created their own snake mythology, which is distinct from the widespread Indian ideas concerning.


A kingdom called Takshaknagar formerly stood in antiquity, ruled by King Takshakraj and Queen Lalita, who were childless. Nagpasha, the younger brother of King Takshakraj, was the only possible heir to the throne because neither a prince nor a princess existed. When the queen was about to pray to Deva Kaljayi one day, Nagpasha swapped out the curtained plate she had used for the god’s offerings for one that contained a dead mongoose. She was rendered comatose by the Snake God’s deadly breath after he became enraged. Because the newborn’s entire body was blue and exhibited no signs of life, everyone assumed he had died.

The newborn child was tossed into the river in accordance with Hindu customs. King Maniraj and his wife Queen Manika, who were secretly residing on Nagdweep, an indistinct island in the Indian Ocean, as the kings of immortal Ichchhadhaari nags, saw the snake deity Deva Kaljayi in their dreams. He revealed where the infant was and pleaded with them to heal him. After several years, the treatment began to produce benefits, and although though the infant was still in suspended animation, its colour had gradually changed to green.

He was then placed back into the same riverside bushes by the demonic Tantrik Vishandhar. Professor Nagmani was strolling around the neighbouring woodland looking for snakes when a priest of the nearby temple found him and delivered him to Professor Nagmani. The youngster was incredibly venomous and had exceptional healing abilities. He reared the infant, who grew up to be Nagraj.

Nagraj (Origin Story) - An Indian Superhero From Raj Comics
Nagraj (Origin Story) – An Indian Superhero From Raj Comics

Professor Nagmani, a wicked scientist, unleashed Nagraj as a global terror weapon in his debut issue. In this first assignment, Nagraj was given the duty of robbing a golden goddess statue from a temple that was guarded by local worshippers, snakes, and a mystic 300-year-old Sadhu named Baba Gorakhnath. Nagraj was successful in his duty, but he was vanquished when he faced Gorakhnath and his mystic black mongoose shikangi. When Professor Nagmani installed a mind-controlling device in Nagraj’s head in order to maintain control over him, Gorakhnath read his mind and learned this. Nagraj was liberated from Professor Nagmani’s control when Gorakhnath used his operation to remove the capsule from his head. He promised to rid the world of crime and terror after becoming Baba Goraknath’s disciple. Nagraj has since travelled the globe and vanquished numerous bad guys and terrorists, including Bulldog, Gangster William, Seaman, General Tamta, and Shankar Shahnshah.


This Nagraj, Aatankharta, is included in the World Terrorism series. On September 5, 2007, the comic book “Hari Maut” SPCL #2281, which featured this version of Nagraj, was published. This is a different timeline for Nagraj, who broke apart from Vishwarakshak Nagraj following the publication of the SPCL #42 comic “Visarpi Ki Shadi.” In this scenario, Nagraj does not relocate to Mahanagar but instead keeps working to eradicate international terrorism. This series hasn’t yet included any supernaturally gifted villains; instead, the bad guys have more in common with local dons or gangsters. Nitin Mishra wrote it, while Mr. Hemant provided the illustrations.

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