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10 most anticipated books releasing in August 2022

10 Most Anticipated Books Releasing in August 2022

10 most anticipated books releasing in August 2022

The everlasting appeal of a good book endures despite the proliferation of digital content. There is perhaps no better way to spend a winter day than cuddling on the couch and delving deeply into a brand-new book because the colder weather keeps us adequately bundled up. Here are 10 most anticipated books releasing in August 2022.

The Last White Man (2 August, 2022) By Mohsin Hamid

10 most anticipated books releasing in August 2022 - The Last White Man
10 most anticipated books releasing in August 2022 – The Last White Man

Anders awakens one morning to discover that his reflection is unusual to him and that his skin has darkened. He initially just tells Oona, his old friend and recent love interest. Reports of related incidents quickly spread throughout the country. Some believe that the changes herald the long-feared dissolution of an established order, which will be fiercely fought. Many people, including Anders’s father and Oona’s mother, struggle between feelings of intense love and devastating loss. As the link between Anders and Oona grows stronger, change assumes a new hue: the opportunity to see one another face to face for the first time. The Last White Man by Hamid challenges us to picture a future in which we dare to re-examine who we believe we are and how we could yet come together.

The Twist Of The Knife(18 August, 2022) By Anthony Horowitz

The Twist Of The Knife
The Twist Of The Knife

The renowned Vaudeville theatre in Shoreditch is preparing to host the world premiere of his most recent production, the suspenseful “Mindgame.” Unsurprisingly, Hawthorne chooses not to attend the premiere. The critics don’t seem to like the play. It receives a very harsh assessment from Sunday Times reviewer Harriet Throsby, who focuses on the writing in particular. The following morning, Throsby is stabbed in the heart with an ornate dagger that turns out to be Anthony’s and bears all of his fingerprints. An old foe, Detective Inspector Cara Grunshaw, arrests Anthony. Her failure to solve the crime detailed in the second Hawthorne adventure, “The Sentence is Death,” still hurts her. She attributes her failure to Anthony. and now she is seeking retribution. Anthony, who was imprisoned and subjected to harsh interrogation, is the main suspect in the death of Throsby, and as more theatre critics are discovered to have perished in enigmatic circumstances, the investigation narrows. As his need grows, he understands that there is only one man who can save him.

Daisy Darker (30 August, 2022) By Alice Feeney

10 most anticipated books releasing in August 2022 - Daisy Darker
10 most anticipated books releasing in August 2022 – Daisy Darker

Daisy Darker’s entire family is coming together for Nana’s 80th birthday celebration in Nana’s deteriorating gothic house on a little tidal island after years of avoiding one another. Finally reunited for the last time, they will be cut off from the outside world for eight hours when the tide comes in. The family shows up, each member hiding something. Then, at exactly midnight, Nana is discovered dead while a storm rages. And the following family member joins an hour later. The Darkers must come to terms with their current mystery and their past secrets before the tide comes in and all is revealed because they are trapped on an island where someone is killing them one by one. The unforgettably shocking turns in Daisy Darker’s novel will have readers reeling, with a cruel wink to Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

Carrie Soto Is Back (30 August, 2022) By Taylor Jenkins Reid

Carrie Soto Is Back
Carrie Soto Is Back

Carrie Soto is tenacious and unpopular due to her desire to win at all costs. But when she finally decides to give up playing tennis, she is the best ever. She has twenty Grand Slam titles and has broken every record and Carrie will tell you that she has a right to each one. With her father Javier serving as her coach, she gave almost everything up to become the best. Javier, a former champion himself, has been instructing her since she was two years old. But six years after she had retired, Carrie found herself watching from the stands at the 1994 US Open as Nicki Chan, a harsh and impressive player, broke her record.

At the age of 37, Carrie makes the momentous choice to come out of retirement and receive one final year of coaching from her father in an effort to recapture her record. Regardless of what the sports media claims, they have never liked “the Battle-Axe.” even if her body isn’t moving as quickly. Even if it means swallowing her pride to train with Bowe Huntley, a guy to whom she previously came dangerously close to falling in love. Similar to her, he has to succeed before permanently giving up the game. Despite everything, Carrie Soto is back for one final, dramatic season. Taylor Jenkins Reid recounts her most openly emotional story ever in this gripping and unforgettable book.

Please Join Us (23 August, 2022) By Catherine Mckenzie

10 most anticipated books releasing in August 2022 - Please Join Us
10 most anticipated books releasing in August 2022 – Please Join Us

Nicole Mueller’s life is in peril at the age of 39. Her once-promising legal career is in disarray. The apartment she and her husband, Dan, adore will soon be evicted. She receives a warning from the senior partners at her company before accepting an invitation from Panthera Leo, an exclusive women’s networking organization. Although membership is private, all members are successful business people. It seems like the ideal answer to assist Nicole in reviving her career. Nicole thus registers for the group’s retreat in Colorado despite Dan’s worries that it might be a cult. She eventually runs into the other women that would comprise her pride.

Nicole can’t believe her luck: she’s a CEO, an actress, an expert in finance, and a congresswoman. Panthera Leo’s founders are equally amazing. They describe the fundamental tenet of the group: they are a girl’s club in a world of boy’s clubs. Nicole has no qualms. And she quickly notices benefits once she returns home. Her new network helps her get clients rapidly, which helps her relaunch her career, as well as a fantastic new apartment. The favours she must grant in exchange seem harmless. She is then pressured into cooperating with the congresswoman when she summons her to her late-night residence.

Haven (18 August, 2022) By Emma Donoghue


A dream tells a priest and scholar named Artt to leave the sinful world behind in the seventh century of Ireland. He rows down the Shannon river with two monks—young Trian and old Cormac—in quest of a remote location to establish a monastery. The three guys drift out into the Atlantic and discover a barren, incredibly high island that is home to multitudes of birds and declare it to be God. Three men make a promise to leave the world behind. With nothing but their faith to lead them, they set out in a small boat for an island that their commander had seen in a dream. They discover the remarkable island that is now known as Skellig Michael. Haven features the familiar world-building and psychological intensity of Emma Donoghue, but this novel is unlike anything else she has ever written.

The Ink Black Heart (30 August, 2022) By Robert Galbraith

10 most anticipated books releasing in August 2022 - The Ink Black Heart
10 most anticipated books releasing in August 2022 – The Ink Black Heart

Private investigator Robin Ellacott is unsure of how to react when desperate, unkempt Edie Ledwell enters the office and begs to talk to her. Edie, the co-creator of the well-known cartoon The Ink Black Heart, is being harassed online by an unknown person using the alias Anomie. Edie is driven to find out who Anomie really is. Before learning the tragic news that Edie had been tasered and then murdered in Highgate Cemetery, the setting of The Ink Black Heart, a few days later, Robin makes the decision that the agency can’t help with this. Finding Anomie’s real identity draws Robin and Cormoran Strike, her business partner, into the investigation. Strike and Robin are now involved in a case that tests their deductive skills to the limit and poses new and terrible threats to them due to the complicated network of internet aliases, corporate interests, and familial problems they must navigate.

How To Survive Your Murder (30 Aug, 2022) By Danielle Valentine

How To Survive Your Murder
How To Survive Your Murder

The only witness in her sister’s murder trial is Alice Lawrence. And in the year following Claire’s passing, Alice’s life has totally disintegrated. In addition to having to confront her sister’s killer and a courtroom full of people who don’t believe what she saw in the corn maze a year earlier, she has also recently moved into an apartment that smells like bologna. Her parents have also split. Claire was a star in the theatre, a beautiful and outgoing all-American girl.

Alice was a nerd who preferred to stay home and watch her favourite horror movies over going out. She had aspirations of becoming a forensic pathologist. Despite their differences, they were great friends and were united by their sisterhood. till she was separated from Claire. A Sidney Prescott impersonator knocks unconscious Alice on the first day of the murder trial as she is getting ready to give her testimony. She awakens on Halloween morning of the previous year, the day Claire was killed. Before the killer claims another victim, Alice has until midnight to save her sister and track down the real culprit.

Babel (23 Aug, 2022) By R.F. Kuang

10 most anticipated books releasing in August 2022 – Babel

The art of manifesting the meaning lost in translation through enchanted silver bars, to magical effect, is called silver-working, and Babel is the world’s hub for both translation and, more significantly, silver-working. The British Empire has unmatched strength because to the silver industry, and Babel’s study of foreign languages aids the Empire’s mission to dominate every region it comes across. For Robin, Oxford, the city of dreaming spires, is a storybook; it is an idealistic place where knowledge is sought for.

But since power is derived from knowledge, Robin, a Chinese lad raised in Britain, must necessarily betray his motherland in order to serve Babel. As his studies advance, Robin finds himself in conflict with Babel and the mysterious Hermes Society, a group whose goal it is to undermine the silver-making industry’s backing for imperial expansion. Babel, which addresses student uprisings, colonial resistance, and the use of translation as an instrument of empire, is a thematic answer to The Secret History and a tonal response to Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell.

Properties Of Thirst (2 August, 2022) By Marianne Wiggins

Properties Of Thirst (2 August, 2022) By Marianne Wiggins
Properties Of Thirst (2 August, 2022) By Marianne Wiggins

Rockwell “Rocky” Rhodes has fought tenaciously for years to keep the LA Water Corporation out of his California property. He and his devoted wife Lou reared their twins Sunny and Stryker here, and Rocky has lamented Lou’s passing here for many years. The nation teeters on the verge of conflict as Sunny and Stryker approach adulthood. Shortly before the bombs drop, Stryker makes the decision to join the battle and deploys to Pearl Harbor.

Rocky and his family will soon have to deal with yet more unfathomable catastrophe. Rocky is adamant about preserving his remaining family as well as the place where they have suffered so much loss and love. Rocky, however, understands that the property faces much greater challenges than the LA watermen he has fought for years when the government decides to construct a Japanese-American internment camp close to the ranch. The idealistic Department of the Interior employee tasked with building the camp, who only starts to realise the tragedy of his work when it might be too late, complicates matters by falling in love with Sunny and becoming involved with the Rhodes family.

The book Properties of Thirst is both universal and personal. Through the tales of the unique loves and losses that intertwine to form the fabric of our shared history, this book tells the story of a changing American landscape and examines one of the darkest moments in this nation’s history. In the end, it is an unvarnished distillation of the core of our country—as well as a celebration of the love and family ties that endure in the face of adversity.

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