MILK FED written by Melissa Broder‘s is a compulsively readable novel about food, Judaism, and sex. In spite of the fact that the idea may sound bizarre, MILK FED is an absurdly amusing, strikingly cunning, and shockingly emotional reading. Trust me, when you get a taste you will be hooked!

Rachel is in her mid twenties, works at a talent management agency in Los Angeles. She counts calories and restricts the amount of food she eats. Her dietary disorder started in her childhood because of the cruel training of her mom. However, everything start changing when Rachel meets Miriam, an Orthodox Jewish lady who works at her favourite frozen yogurt shop. Miriam is all that Rachel is not. Miriam is devout to her Jewish faith, she has an affectionate and loving family; and she is, as the book puts it. “undeniably fat, unquestionably fat.” With Miriam, Rachel leaves on an journey of hunger, sexuality, and confidence.

MILK FED sucked me in from the very first page and I was unable to put it down! The writing is brilliant and in much detail. Book help make a vivid reading experience by the depictions of food, bodies, and sex which are brilliantly expressed. Rachel is an effective storyteller who is deeply harmed in genuine and believable manners. Broder did an excellent job in portraying Rachel’s inward thoughts, fears, and wants so we better comprehend her activities. It should be said that this book is HOT! I adored the exploration of eccentric, female sexual craving. I think that a few readers might do not like the realistic sex. However, I think it is key to the story and development of the characters.

MILK FED may not be as everybody would prefer yet I liked it! It is an emotional read with funny dark thoughts and raw portrayal of the opportunity that comes from liberating our bodily desire and cravings.

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