By – Stephenie Meyer

It’s been 15 years since the first Twilight book came out, and several years when Meyer’s manuscript was released on the internet. She vowed to never finish, yet, here we are, she did finish it for her fans! I have been counting down the days until this was released for the past few months.

It is the same story yet told differently. Everyone has a story but the perception is different when the other party tells the story. My husband wrote a book, he tells “our story” in a part of his memoir. Although similar, it is different due to his tone, and his recollection of events. When I tell our story it is the same story, yet there are stark differences. This is due to a different author, different verbiage, and a different tone. Although it is the same story, it is interesting to hear it told through someone else’s eyes.

As far as Midnight Sun, it is Edward, he was a little stuck up and reserved. We noticed this from the first twilight book/movie when he walked into the cafeteria and heard Bella’s friends speaking of him, and he walked past and rolled his eyes. . . When he went to protect Bella from the guys she ran into while alone at the book store, he was aggressive and confident. It is just how Edward was. Bella softened him up and showed a different and less reserved and relaxed version of Edward. He grew throughout the series. They both did.

So yes, the beginning of the book, Edward seems like a conceited jerk, but we never knew who he was before Bella, yet, we are learning now and I want to know. I have been waiting for this version. We only knew how he was pre-Bella, so this is very different.

If you were a Twilight fan and felt like there was more of a story to tell, that it didn’t need to just end, this will help fill in this void. If you are not a Twilight fan, you will just hate this book and complain about how horrible it is. If you didn’t like the first 4, you will in NO WAY like this.