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Blood & Honey

Blood & Honey : By Shelby Mahurin

Blood and honey by Shelby Mahurin this is one of the most awaited books of the year, It’s not just for me but I was also looking through Goodreads and a lot of people have been very very excited for blood and honey this is the sequel to serpent and dove. I lost my mind when I read that book the tropes the romance the drama like everything it just ticked every single box of mine.

The story continues where the story in Serpent & Dove left off. Lou, Reid and their group are trying to make allies to defeat Morgane. The problem? Too many burned bridges. Too few options. When a mystical new character steps in, everything finally seems like it might fall into place. Until it does not.

This book has some great new settings, but lacking in the depth. I would have liked to spend more time with the Dames Rogue or the travelling entertainers. Such gripping characters invest so little time in the overall plot.

I do not understand Beau’s importance. He feels flat in the plot. His inclusion feels unnecessary at this point. I was even wondering about his importance at the end of the previous novel.What I like most about this book is the magic system and Lou’s personality. Though her character goes through some changes during this journey, she never loses her sense of humour and tenacity. Her antics are adorable and seeing her embrace her dark side was definitely interesting. I can’t help but love her even more.

In terms of plot, there are action, secrets, mystery and suspense, but I feel like the story is more character-driven than anything else. This book ends with yet another cliffhanger that left me hungy to know more. There are still questions left unanswered and a twist that brings new enemies into the light. I’m so curious to know what will happen in the next upcoming novel.

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