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Lying Next to Me : By - Gregg Olsen

Lying Next to Me : By – Gregg Olsen

By : Gregg Olsen

Lying next to me is my 2nd Novel by Gregg Olsen, I ended up connected with the investigator, Lee, who had a horrendous ‘episode’ at 12 years of age. Presently a grown-up, she looks for justice for Sophie.

Sophie Warner and Adam are married. They have a 3 year old girl. On a weekend, they lease a lodge in the Pacific Northwest, on the perfect waters of the southern end of Puget Sound. While out on the lake in a paddle boat Adam sees an outsider kidnap his wife. He shouted for help. “Somebody took my wife. Call 911”. Furthermore, he row like a crazy person to shore.

Lee Husemann (A detective) knows Adam. Adam was her sibling’s closest friend. They all grew up together. At the point when Lee was 12 she was kidnapped, beaten, raped and left to die. At the point when she became conscious, she found her wrists and legs were bound with pipe tape. Her lips had been sealed shut. She was terrified and naked. Adam helped to look for her. He is the person who discovered her. She recalls the entire past. The episode molded the individual she is today. It’s the reason she turned into a cop.

Other than Adam, the solitary other observer to the crime is an old man who had been out walking his dog. Adam turns into a suspect, when he reports his wife is missing. Kristen and Connor Moss are leasing a close by lodge. They’ve been attempting to get pregnant off and on for a very long time. Her failure to conceive is driving a wedge between them.

Teresa Dibley is there with her grandkids. She’s bringing up her child’s youngsters, since her child and daughter-in-law would prefer to use drugs than parent.

After 24 hours, a lady is discovered floating, face-down and nude in the canal by a couple from Vancouver who were kayaking. Adam doesn’t have to see her face to know it’s Sophie. He can see her little hummingbird tattoo. She was autopsied and analysed by a forensic pathologist. Injury to the back of the head is the reason for death. Sophie was beaten to death with some sort of heavy instrument. Semen is found in her vagina. It isn’t Adam’s.

Sophie’s been killed. There’s a continuous police examination. Adam’s being hounded by a dad in-law from hell and a TV reporter who won’t disregard him. Who killed Sophie? What’s more, why?

Gregg Olsen does it once more in “Lying next to me“! He has a method of pulling you in during the first few pages and you can’t quit reading!

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