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Pretty Things

Pretty Things : By – Janelle Brown

Impossible to put down, Pretty Things is smart, seductive, and utterly captivating story.

By – Janelle Brown

Pretty Things is a stunning, fast paced read with loads of twists to keep you anxious. The story switches to and fro between the two primary female characters, Nina and Vanessa, and the tension is overwhelming. The story is well-thought-out and engaging and the characters keep you hooked throughout. I ended up attempting to think about the thing planned to happen the entire time and it was continually surprising to see where the story ended up.

Nina and Lachlan are in a real sense crime partners. Things were coming fine until the police start looking around, constraining Nina and Lachlan to hide out. They chose to leave LA for two or three months until the police lost interest and proceeded onward to the following case. At the point when they are choosing where to hide out, Nina remembers an immense antique filled manor on Lake Tahoe she had visited as a kid. Should that be their next objective? What might turn out badly?

I’m attempting to be ambiguous on the grounds that this book is significantly more amusing to read if you don’t have the foggiest idea about the plot. The twist is what made the novel (Pretty Things) interesting. So often I thought I had a view where the plot was going but it was more than what I was thinking.

I LOVED the characters! as soon as I think I have understood a character, another side to them is uncovered. In a real sense down to the end. even though few of the characters were professional criminals, they were still likeable. Indeed, even the ones I thought I was going to dislike at all had some redeeming characteristics. Close to the end, a portion of the characters started to develop into better individuals, at least better than I suspected they would have been, and some of them turned out a lot more awful than I envisioned.

I truly liked the story of Pretty Things. It was never boring and not what I was anticipating from the 1st chapter. There are a few sections which return to Nina’s past and disclose her association with the Tahoe chateau. Through these parts we find out about Nina, what her identity is and her inspirations. The story is told from two perspectives, Nina and the proprietor of the Lake Tahoe chateau, Vanessa. It was a particularly extraordinary approach to recount the story on the grounds that their perspectives were so altogether different. I cherished hearing their takes of similar occasions and their opinions of one another.

Other than the plot, this book is a warning tale about how impressions, even since quite a while ago held, immovably settled impressions, of an individual or circumstance can be wrong and destructive. I adored the Lake Tahoe setting. I’ve visited Lake Tahoe once and consistently thought it was perhaps the most excellent spot in the US. Presently, I need to return once more.

In case you’re searching for a book that will keep you engaged, cause you to feel like you’ve been out traveling to Lake Tahoe and divert you from the irritations in your day to day life, I will suggest reading “Pretty Things“.

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