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how to make studying enjoyable?

How to Make Studying Enjoyable?

how to make studying enjoyable?

Anything that you do you should enjoy and be enthusiastic about it. Studying is no exception. You should study in a way that you want to learn something and be enthusiastic about learning anything. Studying is stressful only when you try to gobble information instead of trying to understand them. If you are having trouble with memorizing things and attention span – In this article, we are going to read about how to make studying enjoyable? We are going to elucidate 5 points that are going to help you.

Study Space

Do you know why you are so attentive in class and not equally attentive at home? It is because of the environment. When you are in your school, your mind knows that this is a place where you study. Your brain needs to have the same space when you are studying. Try to study in your bed and you are most likely to lie down after 1-2 hours because your brain knows that this is where you sleep not study.

Make sure that you are studying at your study table, and try to keep it in front of the window. Your study space should be clean. Move the books and papers that you are done reading. Keep the books that you are yet to read in front of you. Try to alter locations if it helps. I like to study on the roof around 6-7 am; however, it is often a book that needs a lot of thinking. It feels good because of the mild weather and it is a very aesthetically-pleasing feeling and you should try it as well.

Tip – If you are trying to wake up early in the morning and complete half of your tasks before the clock strikes 12, try reading first thing in the morning. Go to your garden or rooftop, wherever you feel the light is perfect and you feel better, and read a few pages of any self-help book. Presently, I am reading The Mountain is You by Brianna Wiest.

How to Make Studying Enjoyable?
How to Make Studying Enjoyable?

Make Studying Fun Not Stressful

Try to look at your education and degree from a different perspective, not just a way of getting good scores. Think of yourself as a teacher, and you have to make someone learn what you are studying right now. Suppose you are reading a chapter, just imagine you have a class full of students in front of you, so behave in that manner, read aloud, ask yourself questions, and write them down. Take your test, by the end of the week. Write down all the essay-type questions or sums that you were having trouble solving, set a timer and give your exam, and grade yourself. Give answers to online quizzes.

Study Partner

This is helpful. Especially, if you are a student who has issues with focusing try to find a study partner, who is eager to study and studies at the same time as you. You will not only feel motivated to study seeing someone else studying in front of you, but you can also ask each other questions. Studies have shown if you read something and explain the topic you have learned to study someone else. It is more likely to stay in your mind and you will possibly never forget it.

Track Progress

Before you start your week, make sure that you have a list of the main priorities. These are the massive things, the story or novel is huge or complicated, and you have to complete it. You should have a list of things so that you can track how much you need to cover in your syllabus and how much is done. Ticking off the to-do list is so fun and you must try it. If you think this book is taking a little bit more time, study for a few extra hours or just try to cover it all in one week and shift the other book to the next week.

Tip – Do not try to finish the huge novels or chapters at the end. It will remain unfinished and you have to sit for the exam almost clueless. Cover the tough ones first, and then move on to the easier ones.

How to Make Studying Enjoyable?
How to Make Studying Enjoyable?

Reward Yourself

As a reward for studying and following your to-do list makes sure to give yourself enough breaks, say 30 minutes break for studying for 2 hours. Note that you should not watch TV or scroll through social media if you are planning to study after the break. It will do nothing but distract you from focusing on the book. You can also one day off every week if you think studying is getting tough or stressful. You can read different storybooks, go out, or just simply take a rest and watch movies that day.

Just like you make a to-do list before studying, think of the reward that you are going to give yourself for accomplishing the set goal. What I do is, mark a movie that is also related to my syllabus. I watched Waiting for Godot last month because I studied for a fixed duration and completed goals that week. You can plan a weekend date with your close friends and enjoy it without the guilt of not studying enough. Setting a goal beforehand makes you more excited about doing the work, perhaps you do it forcefully in the beginning but soon you will start to enjoy it.

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