For Your Own Good by Samatha Downing is a thrilling academia mystery that is darkly entertaining. I heard that this book was fun, with can’t put it down storyline. and it was thoroughly obvious! I love the private school setting and it was great to know what’s going in the book and simply watching everything work out. In case you are in the mind-set for a book that quickly grabs your attention, shakes you up, spins you around and releases you, For Your Own Good is made for you!

For Your Own Good By Samatha Downing | A Thrilling Academia Mystery
For Your Own Good By Samatha Downing | A Thrilling Academia Mystery

Teddy Crutcher is at last Teacher of the Year at the esteemed private school where he has worked for almost seven years. He has an excessively inflated opinion of himself that occasionally rubs his students and other teachers the incorrect way. Teddy has chosen to bring student Zack Ward down a peg or three and he is angry when Zack’s folks come to their child’s defense. For his part, Zack detests Teddy yet he surrenders to his folks’ pressure to request the additional credit to raise his grade.

In the mean time, Teddy’s dislike of other teachers takes a dangerous turn when somebody surprisingly died. unfortunately, a student’ he likes turns into the suspect and Teddy simply needs to divert attention away from her but suddenly another person winds up dead. The dividers truly start to shut in when somebody from Teddy’s past takes advantage to exact some well-deserved vengeance on him.

The characters in this novel come in all various shades of morally gray and tremendously dark, however you’re left with many considering what is terrible and what is reasonable. Such countless individuals are doing what they believe is ideal for the students, defending the pressure factor and the twisted methods as being “to your benefit”, yet the results are far-reaching and ending don’t generally legitimize means.

This was a truly fascinating read, in that the reader realizes what occurs and why, however there are still a few exciting twists that cause the readers to draw in and to remain alert. Overall! I highly recommend For Your Own Good by Samatha Downing, which I have no doubt will be another huge success by her.

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