Every Last Fear by Alex Finlay is nothing similar to a debut novel, taking your breath away. That is exactly what this novel did. I was submerged in this book from the very beginning until the astounding ending. Seven years before, Matt Pine’s family was destroyed by a single act of violence. The night his elder brother “Danny” killed his girlfriend. A night Matt refers to as Year Zero. Life before the killing and after forward altered.

Presently college student Matt has another Year Zero. This time his parents, younger sister and brother have been killed while holidaying in Mexico. Only 21, and Matt has lost his whole family, all with the exception of Danny who sits in jail claiming that he is innocent. Unlike the remainder of the family who have battled for his release for quite a long time. Matt has never believed in Danny, not after what he saw that evening.

In any case, there are things that simply do not make any sense. For what reason did the Pine’s suddenly choose to head out to Mexico? Furthermore, is their demise actually a tragic accident or something more vile? For a spine chiller, Every Last Fear positively was emotionally draining, gut-wrenching, and overwhelming. After completing I was left feeling shattered. Also, the odd thing was I do not think the mystery was… well that amount of a mystery yet I have no doubt this is a good novel.

From the Prologue we were informed that four people from the Pine family were dead. Furthermore, let us be honest, things like this happen constantly in these genres, so despite the fact that I was upset by it I did not feel much beyond that. It is crime, murder mystery, thriller – people die – I accept that. What I did not expect was the amount by which I will be attached to the Pine family the further I read – first by Matt’s memories then through flashbacks to the days in Mexico.

Truly, the characterizations were astonishing in “Every Last Fear”, and evoked all the feels, compassion, and sadness within me. The Pine’s were a small town American family until one night when everything came smashing down.

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