Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis is a sweet, heartfelt novel. Two strangers meet while stuck in a storm and enjoyed eight hours of good time together and afterwards fortunately keep on running into each other. It’s like the makings of a modern day fairy-tale, isn’t it? But, this is far beyond a light-hearted romantic comedy. It’s additionally a book about conquering deep-seated fears, forgiving yourself, and moving ahead in life.

Eight Perfect Hours By Lia Louis Is A Sweet, Heartfelt Novel
Eight Perfect Hours By Lia Louis Is A Sweet, Heartfelt Novel

32-year-old Noelle is a daughter living at home helping to take care of her mother. She is a woman who has let go of her own dreams since her mother took care of her through a bad periods of her life, and a friend who is still grieving the tragic loss of her dearest companion even after 15 years. She is battling with panic attacks and a feeling of guilt. Yet, she muddles through because that is exactly what is expected of her.

Sam on the other hand is a mountain climber who travels everywhere in the world, a man with father issues and a broken relationship.

These two characters meet during a storm, and have an immediate connection while stuck for eight hours. I will not delve into additional details however will say that these characters (both primary and secondary) felt like real people. Their trials were also so real, their association so sweet, their victories so heartfelt. There is humour here, there are tears (both cheerful and sad) but on the other hand there’s strength, development and acceptance.

I read Dear Emmie Blue recently and turned out to be absolutely besotted with both Emmie and the book! So any Lia Louis novel turned into an unquestionable must read for me. And, I went into this novel with really high expectations. While this novel didn’t made me happy the manner in which Emmie Blue did, I still loved it.`

Overall! Eight Perfect Hours by Lia Louis is charming, funny and well-written. It’s a novel with wonderful, vibrant characters and a story that will win your heart. The chemistry among Noelle and Sam is brilliant, it’s a brilliant tale around two individuals developing into who they’re meant to be – leaving a few parts of the past behind, while additionally finding how much different aspects have determined their future.

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