Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco is a fantastic read. It is the thrilling second novel in Kerri Maniscalco’s new series, Kingdom of the Wicked! It gets generally where we left things in the first novel, Emilia is following Wrath into the Seven Circle. Here she meets with her betrothed, Prince Pride. Emilia is still very determined to find out which demon killed her sister’s and she is willing to do everything required to  have her vengeance.

Kingdom Of The Cursed By Kerri Maniscalco Is A Fantastic Read
Kingdom Of The Cursed By Kerri Maniscalco Is A Fantastic Read

In Kingdom of the Cursed you visit a new world which is Hell. I loved learning all about it. The world building in this novel is much better as you will visit a few of the realms and explore to know how all the demon’s rule. Then, there was the pacing which was ideal for the book and the story structure was simply all around done. According to me the entire writing was simply great and stunning. Absolutely better then book one. In case I was the person who annotated my books, almost certain the entire book would be annotated with sticky notes. If you will compare it with the first novel, you will get to know how Kerri Maniscalco has a lot of fun with this book bringing gin twists and turns additionally giving us what we need.

We meet Emilia again. She is the primary character and the story being written in her POV. She is more savage and doesn’t care about any of the demons. Emilia has grown more in this book in the way of attempting to get what she needs and furthermore making new friends. Additionally Wrath is the main side character of this novel again and I simply liked his character. I can’t get enough of him. You will likewise meet different demons and possibly like or dislike them as well (But that is up to you). There is likewise steamy romance in this novel.

The ending was so good but with a little cliff-hanger. I absolutely loved Kingdom of the Cursed by Kerri Maniscalco. This is a series that mixes paranormal, secret, love, mystery, and more to make a read that will have you eagerly devouring the pages and requiring more from this world. I recommend reading this series.

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