By – Jessica Delfino

Dumb Jokes for Smart Folks by Jessica Delfino is more like a kind of book you can read and use it among your friends time and again. They (Friends) will definitely get annoyed after some point but you can always enjoy the funny faces of them while cracking jokes.

I have read Dumb Jokes for Smart Folks in a single sitting. I liked a few cheesy answers provided to cheesy questions asked at such extent that i have actually used a few of them on my friends and also byhearted them. Things keep on coming to my mind when i see things around me that are included in the book as a question or an answer.

Few Examples:

1. What’s the most compassionate vegetables?

Care-ots (carrots)

2. Top 10 worst flavors of ice cream

Bubble Gun ( Bubble Gum) or say Chalkolate (Chocolate)

3. What sport is for the birds?


There are N numbers of such funny questions and answers given in this book by Jessica Delfino that will keep coming to your mind when ever you see things around you and who knows you will also start crafting such jokes by the end of the day. My native language is Hindi and i have already started crafting jokes in Hindi.I truly recommend this book to all those people out there. This is a light-hearted book with light-hearted jokes

Podcast (Dumb Jokes For Smart Folks : By – Jessica Delfino)