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Rhythm Roger - The Secrets of Electon

Rhythm Roger – The Secrets of Electon : By – Himanshu Rai

Rhythm Roger - The Secrets of Electon : By - Himanshu Rai is a good sci-fi book, and I am glad I took this book

By – Himanshu Rai 

Rhthym Roger is a science fiction novel. The story is about a electro magnetic waves. The protagonist of the story is Rhthym who made a telephone call on the world and on the very night he met a man with blue light, who said that he was from an alternate world called Electon, a world made with electro magnetic waves. A similar kid in that world electon called as Roger, who was also a son of Analog a queen of Electon.

Everything began when Heinrich Rudolf Hertz invented electromagnetic waves in the human world. That day the equal universe called Electon got created which can’t be seen by the people and Analog was it’s queen. Analog is the signal we are utilizing for current, cellphone and so on. Due to this an unpleasant sound began to inter into their world. So the world was at a serious risk and Roger is the person who can save the world. If you want to know things like :

– If Rhthym is a child of Analog then how he entered and living in human world? What’s the mystery behind this?

– in what manner will he save the world? How will he tackle the issue of that world? Read the book.

The portrayal is wonderful and incredibly fascinating. The writer has kept up the tension and excitement till the end which makes the reader hooked. The character portrayal is done great. It is sci-fi however language is straightforward with no hard words so it appropriate for beginners. It isn’t just a story however it likewise occurring in real world where due to electromagnetic waves numerous lovely birds are dying. It additionally a reality that innovation made us addicted to it. From birth to death everything is done with this innovation. We are considering it to be a savvy and simple one, but in many cases, it is actually quite a hazardous thing. I suggest this book for all.

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