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Driven: Book By Rebecca Zanetti - Book Review Podcast

Driven (Deep Ops series): Book By Rebecca Zanetti Is Truly Amazing Story With Quirky Characters, And Suspense Like No Other

Driven, is the fourth book in “Rebeca Zanetti” Deep Ops series. It is an insane intense read loaded up with lots of activity, suspense, hot and emotional romance, unbelievable twists and turns, humour, and all the characters you like and hate from the series. What a stunning read! I think this with every novel in the series. Still I was unquestionably not hoping to feel this way about Angus. Despite the fact that it could be the darkest yet, it very well could be my top choice of the series.

In this fourth trip we get very close with Deep Ops’ understandably moody, tortured team leader Angus force and their empathetic, mysterious psychologist Nari Zhang neither of whom we know enough about. Angus’ quest for the chronic killer he had once pursued and shot to death, has been given a new life with a mysterious tip that “the Surgeon” is some way or another still alive. Watching and waiting, that Lassiter will strike once more, Angus is determined to discover, stop, and make Lassiter pay for killing his sister and all his innocent victims for the last time.

The Problem is that, every person thinks he is dead. At the point when a lady is discovered killed and brutally mutilated, Angus is convinced it’s Lassiter’s doing despite the fact that the Motive isn’t actually the same. This homicide is just the start of a brutal killing that creep threateningly consistently nearer to the Deep Ops team. Prompting a dangerous obsession with Nari and a destructive fight for survival for Angus, Nari, and the Deep Ops team as they work to solve the murder mystery together.

The characters, their inspirations, and their communications with one another are well-developed. Also, the romantic scenes, which are both sexy and emotionally extraordinary. Further the development of the characters and their individual story. Angus and Nari have a combative relationship with very hot chemistry they are determined to resist. Till now in the series, they were able to avoid one another and their feelings very well. However, with the things happening in Driven it’s impossible for them to keep hiding their feelings for each other any longer. Though they do make an honest effort. At the point when that fails, they attempt to pretend it’s not serious.

I adored the connection between them. They cover the full range of feelings, sometimes all in a single scene. Angus might be alpha and the head of his group, however he learns he can’t handle Nari. She can match him quickly. Nari sort of gets everyone’s attention in Driven. There is much more to her than the easygoing, clever, compassionate psychologist. She can stand her ground and is an incredible boss in her own right. While she is actually the group’s advisor and not Angus’ she can’t resist the urge to need to help him. Particularly as he is in a bad place, drowning himself in alcohol, submerged in guilt. Yet, he refuses to be helped, especially by Nari. It’s all part of the push-pull of their relationship.

I like reading “Driven” by “Rebeca Zanetti” and truly enjoy the story, amazing, quirky characters, and suspense like no other.

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