Deep Woods starts in Seattle with our courageous woman, Bethany, safeguarding a dangerous looking, growling German Shepherd from security fencing snared around two of his legs. Bethany is simply making ends meet by working at a a call center where one shift ends and another shift starts. She has a huge education loan, has lost her residency at a medical clinic, and her life looks beyond bleak. This German shepherd dog follows her home. The following day she met the dog’s owner. With Huge, 6’8″ height, hot as hell with blue eyes.

The following time she meets the dog and the man she is running shoeless through the woods having no clue about where she is except for realizing she should run as far and as quick as possible to move away from the Evil who held her hostage. The dog recognizes her and so does the man.

What scheme has Bethany unearthed? Who are the influential men playing this depraved game? What Evil needs her back at any expense? Will Cal keep her safe even from his developing craving for her? I appreciate Helena Newbury. she is skilled in writing that makes the scenes come alive as you are reading through them. You can feel the urgency as Cal, Bethany, and Rufus go through the forest area that Cal knows like the rear of his hand. Would he be able to save her from the Evil which is seeking her?

Cal additionally shows Bethany abilities about survival as they live together platonically in complete segregation. As their attraction develops, she teaches him absolution and acknowledgment of occasions that are from quite a while ago. Eventually, they saved one another. It is never a mistake to purchase a Helena Newbury book. Every one is unique; every one is so enjoyable! Deep Woods is a brilliant read.