“A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow” written by Laura Taylor Namey is a beautifully crafted young adult novel. Lila had her future all outlined! Her boyfriend and closest friend would head off to college in Miami, while she accepted her obligations at the family bakery. Indeed, the future looked brilliant until her beloved grandma died, her boyfriend breakup with her, and her closest friend left for Africa. Her heart broken hopeless, her family delivered her off to England, which helped Lila deal with her heartbreak and her future.

I cherished the characters, the setting, the sentiment, the familial love, the food, and obviously, the feels conveyed by this story. How about we start with the food. Goodness! So Much Food. I expected to find out about a ton of baked products. Let me advise you, they all sounded astounding, however there was additionally a plenty of Cuban dishes sprinkled all through.

It was additionally incredible being moved to Winchester, England. I essentially cherished visiting the town with Lila. The picnics, stargazing, and motorbiking were a portion of the highlights, and I loved that the town filled in as something beyond a background. I felt the glow and family relationship of its occupants and delight of the new friendships Lila made there.

As much as I had a great time these things, it was the characters who won my love. I quickly adored Lila and couldn’t resist the want to alleviate her agony. She endured “the trifecta” of misfortunes, and each significantly affected how she saw her world. It was magnificent to see her making such countless new and significant connections subsequent to all that she had lost. Orion and his circle greeted Lila wholeheartedly, and they played a major part in facilitating her sorrow. I had loads of fun with this group and counted Lila fortunate to have discovered them.

Lila’s family was likewise breathtaking. Despite the fact that Lila was not satisfied that they plotted this entire escape secretly, she grew to comprehend that they did it, since they loved her. They were so sweet and caring. Even when Lila wasn’t certain about her life, their confidence in her won’t ever wavered. I was drowning in their overflowing of adoration and warmth, and I delighted in each moment of it.

The mid year didn’t turn out the manner in which Lila figured it would, it ended up being better! In spite of the fact that she endured some grave misfortunes, her world extended by a wide margin. By moving out of her customary range of familiarity, Lila found such a huge amount about herself, her capacities, her fantasies, and her longings. In addition to the fact that i was excessively warm and fluffy toward the finish of this book, I was overwhelmingly glad for Lila and the manner in which she developed.

All in all “A Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow” is a great story of love, misfortune, and self discovery with charming character Lila, an incredible setting, and lots of food.

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