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Cast in Firelight By - Dana Swift is filled with action, exciting adventure.

Cast in Firelight : By – Dana Swift is filled with action, exciting adventure

Cast in Firelight is filled with action, exciting adventure! Heirs to their separate thrones, Adraa and Jatin were engaged since they were youngsters. Growing up, they are furious opponents, continually attempting to be better than one another, particularly with regards to their magical achievements. Presently grown-ups, Jatin’s get back from school implies their forthcoming marriage neither is happy about it. Their marriage will unite the two kingdoms. However how might these rivals who barely know each other fare when their sole meeting finished with a slap?

An unlikely meeting brings Adraa and Jatin face to face. However, the two of them assume different identities. Attempting to unravel a devious plot in Adraa’s kingdom while keeping up their mysteries proves difficult. Particularly when battle rings, stolen magic, wild and murderous villains, and epic destruction is included. Will Adraa and Jatin, future leaders of their kingdoms and secret vigilantes, cooperate to locate Adraa’s missing firelight and sort out why it’s being taken? Will they uncover their actual identities, and how might they respond to the insider facts and lies?

There are so many things about the story of “Cast in Firelight” that I liked. The vivid world, the characters, the connections, the romantic tale, the cool wizardry, the secret behind the missing firelight. There is a lot to adore in this well created and action packed story.

Something that I love to find in literature is the portrayal of solid family associations. Too regularly in literature. In Cast in Firelight, the parents and Adraa’s sister plays a significant part in the story. I love the amazing way this additional to the plot and character advancement, particularly in later parts of the story. The more Adraa and Jatin trust their family, and the more they find out about the missing firelight. The more they understand how significant, involved, and selfless their family are.

Adraa is a fabulous protagonist! Fierce, independent, and selfless, Adraa is a fighter. She fights for what she has faith in, she fights to define her part in the public eye, and she fights for the privileges of others. I love that she is wild, faithful, and imaginative. She is dynamic and entrancing, as is Jatin.

Sent to school at a youthful age, Jatin feels like an outsider in his family. He yearns for a more grounded association with his father however does not have the foggiest idea how and fears to attain it. He and Adraa are both looking for direction and reason all through the story. They go though mind boggling developments as they battle to define themselves as leaders, heirs, lovers, and as an individual. Adraa and Jatin battle with their feelings as they strive to tackle the issues of their kingdom.

The rich mythology and clear world-building are vivid and one of a kind in Cast in Firelight. Inspired by Indian culture, the world is portrayed well to such an extent. That I felt like I was in the groups at the fighting rings, and walking through the roads of Adraa’s kingdom. I could feel the warmth of the volcano as Adraa and Jatin attempted to stop it. I liked the Dana Swift‘s writing, and it pulled me in from the first few lines. Where we are acquainted with a fierce youthful protagonist and an extraordinary universe of magic.

The messages about family, finding love, trusting others, and benevolence as well as the vivid characters, unique world-building, and action filled plot make “Cast in Firelight” a vivid and intriguing read. I can hardly wait to read the following book in the duology and see what different adventure await Adraa and Jatin.

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