Book of Night by Holly Black is a dark, gritty urban fantasy starring Charlie Hall. It is a story loaded up with magic and twists including murder and theft of things of mystical power. All along, I was invested in Charlie as a person. She’s skilled and wicked, fiercely loyal , and will not take anybody’s BS. Charlie certainly has a ton of stuff, and I think Black worked really well in gradually unwinding her story to truly get inside her head and understand what Charlie has experienced. I additionally love Charlie’s capacity to control people as well as circumstances to get by (despite the fact that it comes at a cost).

Charlie has the grit, determination, and drive to seek after her objectives. Charlie’s activity include larceny, theft, and the speciality of the grift, and she sneaks across dangerous tightrope hung above highly toxic, deceitful adversaries. She likewise attempts to safeguard her younger sister (in some cases from herself), and attempts to sort out her complicated relationship with her secretive yet delicate and kind lover, Vince.

Book of Night by Holly Black is a Dark, Gritty Urban Fantasy
Book of Night by Holly Black is a Dark, Gritty Urban Fantasy

These characteristics make her charming, yet it is the writer’s deft treatment of Charlie’s unconventional past, her traumas, wounds, weaknesses, and disappointments that make the reader pull for Charlie in spite of her faults and impulsive choices.

The magical framework is interesting, talking both to the vanity and power-obsessed qualities inside humankind. She makes what could be an extremely realistic course followed by those with sorcery, the people who need it, and those in the middle.. who could benefit from acquiring it for other people.

Concerning the remainder of the cast of characters, they are balanced and interesting. Even those who appeared for a brief moment, feel strong, as past the scene they have full lives and stories of their own. That’s what I love, because frequently a brief look at a person winds up feeling like nothing more than a couple of lines addressing them.

At last I must say this, if you’re a fantasy reader that needs a romantic sub plot, this novel is not written for you. We do get looks at romance between Charlie and Vince, however it isn’t the very front of the plot. Overall! Book of Night by Holly Black is a seriously captivating mystery read with many exciting twists.

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