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One Arranged Murder

One Arranged Murder : Chetan Bhagat

"One Arranged Murder" is a new book by Chetan Bhagat. One Arranged Murder starts where the 1st book ends I mean the girl in room 105.

Each Chetan Bhagat Book helps me to remember the longing of why I ever begun perusing. His characters are consistently relatable. Like you have a closest companion, or a cousin, or neighbor, or bestie’s life partner, or somebody you know like one of the characters.

This is typical Chetan Bhagat novel

*you don’t need to sit with the word reference,

One Arranged Murder begins where the first book closes I mean the girl in room 105.

Keshav and Saurabh both are closest companions. Keshav has set up an detective agency named “Z DETECTIVE” with his closest companion, Saurabh. Additionally, both are working in network safety organizations.

I would prefer not to convey spoilers since “One Arranged Murder” is another book and I would let individuals purchase their duplicate and judge. Yet, I had a great deal of energizing and relatable minutes, as the story is set up in NCR.

The manner in which the story advances is extraordinary. There is a ton of puzzle working from every part. However, I anticipated this story in the beginning itself. I was very certain who is the murderer.

Discussing the character they are very much evolved and depicted. Neelam, Bindu, Ajay, gopi all characters are extraordinary. Indeed, even the guardians of Prerna are portrayed truly well.

The greatest disadvantage is that the story isn’t so grasping. I need to acknowledge that I felt like Game of through while perusing this book. It’s useful for novices.

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