Bitterblue is the third novel in Kristin Cashore’s well crafted fantasy series introduced in ” Graceling ” and continued in ” Fire .” The series is now and again known as the “Seven Kingdoms” series however there is a slight issue with this title. In the first novel the characters thought they were living in a world with seven realms, yet readers of “Fire” will know that there are another two realms on the opposite side of a mountain range.

Like the initial two books, “Bitterblue” has an uncommon young lady as the main character. However where the champions of “Graceling” and “Fire” were noteworthy somewhat for their mystical capacities and halfway for their solidarity of character. The eponymous heroine  “Bitterblue” is surprising, not for any magical forces, but rather for significantly more courage and strength of character than the other two.

In the first novel the Katja, ran into King Leck of Monsea. A pitiless dictator with the “Beauty” or uncommon ability to cause anybody to accept whatever he said. With some trouble Katja save his young little girl “Bitterblue” from Leck and ultimately overthrew him.

The introduction to “Bitterblue” is set shortly before this salvage and gives a thought of what a horrible Bitterblue’s youth had been. As the girl of a whimsically twisted ruler who could cause anybody to accept anything he desired. The main section of the story starts almost nine years after the fact: having become Queen in name after her dad was killed. Bitterblue has just reached her adulthood. She is presently figuring out how to administer a nation which is still seriously harmed by her dad’s pitilessness and lies.

It soon gets evident to Queen Bitterblue that in spite of the fact that it is a long time since her dad was killed. The people of Monsea have been not able even to begin to fix a significant part of the mischief which King Leck did during his long term rule.

leaving her capital disguise to discover what her dad truly did? Bitterblue discovers a larger number of questions than answers. Including a thief who just takes things which are already stolen and a cypher which may assist her with understanding her distraught dad’s activities if she can decipher the code. Bitterblue will discover partners in the most impossible places however the individuals who have all the earmarks of being companions might be the individuals who put her in the most serious danger …

Bitterblue is a delightful novel anyone can read and enjoy.

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