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7 tips to overcome writer’s block

7 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

7 tips to overcome writer’s block

Writer’s block can be discouraging and it is capable of making you feel unworthy. It is extremely frustrating. You might stare at the computer for too long and fail to think of a sentence. And, you might feel this is it; you won’t be able to do it. Or, you are probably comparing yourself to others. However, it is something that every individual goes through. So, you are not going to get stuck. You just need a little time to explore different habits and understand the change. Here is a list of 7 tips to overcome writer’s block.

Understand Yourself Better

Most writers go through writer’s block experience. The underlying cause can be quite distinct. You need to question why you are blocked. Do you feel any kind of pressure? Are you competitive? Do you feel like you are lacking confidence? Are feeling distant from your story? Are you scared to start writing? There can be several reasons for your creative block. You need to fathom the cause and work accordingly.

7 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block
7 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

Try Other Creative Things

There are several creative things that you can try out when you are going through writer’s block, such as poetry, painting, editing images, creating a collage, decorate your wall with pictures. Work on creating something maybe a handcraft for home decoration. When you are involved in creative things it works like a brain exercise and thus helps you get a grip on the writing flow.

Free Writing Helps to Overcome Writer’s Block

Spend a few minutes a day jotting down things that are there on the top of your head. Write freely, don’t focus or overthink what you are writing. It can be as random as possible. There probably will be no connection between paragraphs. You might start venting. Try free writing for a week and then get back to your writing project. Another great aspect of free writing is that you might be able to come up with new ideas from them.

7 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block
7 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

Eliminate Distractions

You need a timeout from the internet. I am telling you will be fine without any devices for a few hours. Focus on your surroundings. Clean your desk, and move away things that you don’t need on your table. A messy environment creates a state of confusion. Make sure you make out time at least 3-4 hours and focus on writing. Ask your family to understand your need for space so that you don’t get interrupted. Or, the best way is to write at night when others are sleeping. Having some time alone in solitude will help you to focus on your work and priorities.

Physical Exercise Helps with Writer’s Block

Yoga or dance may sound hilarious during writer’s block. However, when your body flows it helps your mind to flow as well. If you are not comfortable with the exercise, you can choose meditation. Nothing is more relaxing for your mind than meditation. It helps to open up your mind and that helps your imaginative mind to grow. You would be able to think properly and focus on your work and things more. It is hard to concentrate on one particular thing for a very long time. So, you can include yoga and meditation in your schedule and do it while you are taking a break.

7 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block
7 Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block

Write Early in the Morning

When you first wake up, your mind is in Theta mode. It is a brainwave (4-7 Hz) that represents a spacey daydreamy state of mind which is associated with mental inefficiency. Theta mode is a slow and relaxed state of mind, a zone between waking and sleep. Your writing might get a flow in the early morning. You will be fascinated with how much thought you can come up with when you are half-asleep.

Sleep Writing Helps with Writer’s Block

Our subconscious is solving problems when we are sleeping. When you are stuck with a specific issue and you are unable to write about it. Think about it and try to write freely for a few minutes before bedtime. You are most likely to wake up with a new perspective and solution to the thought. The setting and the characters would speak to you the way you wanted to design the story. This is one of the ways through which you can overcome writer’s block.

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