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5 Best Memoir Audiobooks of 2021

5 Best Memoir Audiobooks of 2021

Are you fond of listening to audiobooks and think it is more helpful than reading books and turning pages? Do you love memoirs? Well, here is a list of the 5 best memoir audiobooks of 2021 for you, in case you have missed any.

Eartha & Kitt – Kitt Shapiro

Read by Karen Chilton

5 best memoir audiobooks of 2021 - Eartha & Kitt
5 best memoir audiobooks of 2021 – Eartha & Kitt

Eartha – a mix of white, black, and Cherokee is viewed by all as a black woman. Kitt is Eartha’s daughter who is light-skinned and blonde. For three decades, they explored the world as mother and daughter. Even after Kitt’s marriage, they were never too far from each other. Eartha’s childhood was extremely difficult due to poverty and having never known who her father is. Kitt is Eartha’s world. Eartha still exists through her ‘Santa Baby’ and most influential artists’ mentions. Her mention is there in social issues such as LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, and racial injustice.

The Boys – Ron Howard, Clint Howard

Read by Clint Howard, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Ron Howard

The Boys
5 best memoir audiobooks of 2021 – The Boys

With the aspects of success and time – Ron is a producer, filmmaker, and Hollywood star, and Clint is a demanding actor. The Howard brothers look into profound upbringing which looked usual but it was anything but normal. Rance and Jean their parents moved to California to follow their dreams. But later on, they decided to guide them as a teacher and a protector them from the traps of Hollywood.

Somebody’s Daughter – Ashley C. Ford

Read by Ashley C. Ford Macmillan

5 best memoir audiobooks of 2021 - Somebody’s Daughter
5 best memoir audiobooks of 2021 – Somebody’s Daughter

As far as Ashley could recall, she has always put her father on a pedestal. Despite having faded memories of seeing his father in person, she trusts that his father is the only one in this universe who understands her and vice versa. He is an artist, and sensitive as her and perhaps just as scared of the dark. She is certain and she believes that they will reunite one day and she will feel complete. But the issue is that her father is behind bars and she does not know what he did that he ended up there.

Through a burdened and poverty relationship with her mother, she is looking for her father for support and hope. In her search for unconditioned love, Ashley gets into a relationship and her mother hates the boy. When the relationship goes downhill the boy rapes her and she keeps this a secret from her family. Later on, she gets to know why her father went to prison and this is where the story truly begins.

My Broken Language – Quiara Alegria Hudes

Read by Quiara Alegria Hudes

My Broken Language
5 best memoir audiobooks of 2021 – My Broken Language

Quiara was awed by her cousins and aunts but was haunted by the undisclosed facts of the family and the untold tales of the barrio – and she is trying hard to find her voice in the sea of language. This is an inspiring memoir of exploration of memory, home, existence, and belonging.

Just As I Am – Cicely Tyson

Read by Cicely Tyson, Viola Davis, Robin Miles

5 best memoir audiobooks of 2021 - Just As I Am
5 best memoir audiobooks of 2021 – Just As I Am

This book is the authentic version of the author leaving the garland and gleam set aside. She is the actress who has been blessed to grace the screen and stage for six long decades. But she is also the church who once upon a time barely ever spoke a word. She is the teen who sought relief and comfort in the lines of hymns. She is a daughter, sister, mother, and friend. Cicely Tyson is a dreamer and an ardent observer of human nature. She is a woman who has hurt as she has loved. And she is a woman who in her ninth decade has a lot to say.

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