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10 best picture books of 2021

10 Best Picture Books of 2021

Are you looking for picture books for kids or as a present for someone who loves picture books? Here is a list of the 10 best picture books of 2021 that is not only cute but have amazing stories of exploration and small moral lessons at the end.

Change Sings – Amanda Gorman, Illustrated by Loren Long

10 Best Picture Books of 2021 - Change Sings
10 Best Picture Books of 2021 – Change Sings

Amanda Gorman presents through this book how anything is possible with Unity and the significance of the unity of our voices. As a young lady leads several characters on a musical journey, they get familiar with the fact that they have the supremacy to make changes. No matter what kind, perhaps big perhaps small but they can change themselves, their society, community, and the world just by being together.

Nina – Traci N. Todd, Illustrated by Christian Robinson

10 Best Picture Books of 2021 – Nina

Born in North Carolina as Eunice Kathleen Waymon, Nina Simone was a musical kid. She learned to play piano as a kid, and she started to sing before she even knew how to even speak properly. With the huge support from her community and family, she received lessons and got introduced to remarkable classical music composers like Bach who motivated her in her musical career and remained with her throughout her existence. The thing she loved about his music is how it was serene at first and then turned out to be thunderous as he grew up. In the same way, Nina’s music was soft and pleasing at the beginning but with the rise of the Civil Rights Movement her music altered like Bach, as she began protesting against racial indiscrimination.

Cat Problems – Jory John, Illustrated by Lane Smith

10 Best Picture Books of 2021 - Cat Problems
10 Best Picture Books of 2021 – Cat Problems

The story is about a cat who is looking for a silver lining – a squirrel, who is a nosy neighbor who can never seem to mind its own business, he is tired of having dry foods and longing for wet ones, and the suns this trying to have tried have a warm bath in =, just cannot stop moving.

Grandude’s Green Submarine – Paul McCartney, Illustrated by Kathryn Durst

Grandude’s Green Submarine
Grandude’s Green Submarine

Grande’s inventions are that of legends and his newly created submarine is no exception. It is not like other submarines that just submerge, it can fly as well. But one-time Grandude with grandkids set off on another adventure which turned out to be a bad idea and Nandude comes to the rescue. Between the exceptional music of Nandude and the magic compass of Grandude, everyone arrives home securely.

Different — A Great Thing to Be! – Heather Avis, Illustrated by Sarah Mensinga

10 Best Picture Books of 2021 - Different -- A Great Thing to Be!
10 Best Picture Books of 2021 – Different — A Great Thing to Be!

Macy is a girl who has a lot of similarities like us but is also different than us, which we all should be. With bravery, kindness, and grace, Macy finds her home in the world, bringing laughter and beauty wherever she explores and leading others to look for glee in the distinctive design of every person.

Flashlight Night – Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Illustrated by Julia Seal

Flashlight Night
10 Best Picture Books of 2021 – Flashlight Night

This book is narrated by a boy whose parents have created a wall where he and his siblings can jot down their cares, fears, and concerns. And the boy shares that wall with one of his friends one day and his friend records his fair. The book concludes that children still have faith and God hears every request.

Bronco and Friends – Tim Tebow, Illustrated by Jane Chapman

10 Best Picture Books of 2021 - Bronco and Friends
10 Best Picture Books of 2021 – Bronco and Friends

Bronco is attending a party, and he is unable to find a puzzle piece that all the invitees were supposed to bring. While he was searching for the missing puzzle piece he encounters a few friends with their worries and thoughts: an allergic goat, a clumsy bunny, and a flightless bird. All of them team up to find the missing piece along with Bronco to learn that the party is in their honor!

Big Feelings – Alexandra Penfold, illustrated by Suzanne Kaufman

Big Feelings
Big Feelings

This book is helpful for the children who try to find their way through the emotional challenges they come across in their daily lives. It will guide them on things like – how they should react when things do not go as planned, or when they feel overwhelmed, mad, or frustrated. The author says no matter what they feel if they talk about it and see it from someone else’s point of view, they will find something new that will ease their emotions.

My Little Brave Girl – Hilary Duff, Illustrated by Kelsey Garrity-Riley

10 Best Picture Books of 2021 - My Little Brave Girl
10 Best Picture Books of 2021 – My Little Brave Girl

This book concentrates on aspects like love and bravery. This letter to all the little brave girls emerged from Hilary Duff’s own experience as a mother as she focused on all the ways her daughter had to become brave and strong even as a little kid.

Someone Builds the Dream – Lisa Wheeler, Illustrated by Loren Long

Someone Builds the Dream
10 Best Picture Books of 2021 – Someone Builds the Dream

This book is a story to thank all the skilled men and women who work their best to build our dreams. Because to see and dream of a house, a bridge, or an amusement park of our kind is easy but someone else has to build it for us.

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