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15 Qualities of Lord Rama Everyone Should Learn

15 Qualities of Lord Rama Everyone Should Learn

15 Qualities of Lord Rama Everyone Should Learn

Hinduism is one of the oldest religions of the world. It is believed that Hinduism is much more than religion, it is a way of living. The older a religion or belief gets, its history and literature become more & more significant. The Hindu Literature and history is very dense and diversified. It can be considered as an Ocean of knowledge and information. Hindu Epics, books and scriptures have given us many valuable assets like Yoga, Ayurveda which have greatly benefited mankind in understanding the basics of the body, mind, spirituality and medicine. Most Epics are created or restored to enrich and empower us with knowledge & information. Ramayana is one of the most important Hindu Epics where Lord Rama gives us many life lessons through his life journey. The Epic can inculcate many qualities in our personality. So, here are 15 Qualities of Lord Rama Everyone Should Learn.

Handling Power

It’s said that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. You must have also witnessed this in today’s world where any one with even little power tends to change. This is a very common phenomena that’s why people often say that power gets to your head. Power can be accessed through money, fear, status, ideology, heritage, work, etc. Getting Power is a tough task but handling it is even a tougher task. Lord Rama was a good looking powerful prince (later King) with almost all the qualities that a man could possess. But still his power never got on to his head. Rama handled his power with gratitude and grace.


Lord Rama never lied, he sticked to the path of truthfulness. Speaking the truth and being truthful in nature isn’t easy. Life always gives you reasons to leave the path of truthfulness. Most oftenly we tend to lie in the name of a situation, fear or problems. Being truthful in nature may sound impossible to many but always remember that lies won’t let you leave in peace.

Overcoming Jealousy

15 Qualities of Lord Rama Everyone Should Learn
15 Qualities of Lord Rama Everyone Should Learn

Jealousy is one of the basic traits of any human being. Most people won’t accept that they are jealous of someone or something. But as humans we all have some sort of jealousy inside us. We can’t become Like Lord Rama as he was free from any kind of jealousy at points of life. However, we can at least try to minimize the trait of jealousy within ourselves before it becomes toxic in nature.

Importance of Boundaries

If you look closely the whole Ramayana is about boundaries and how crossing boundaries can cause chaos. In the Hindu Epic Lord Rama teaches us the importance of boundaries and shows how one should never cross their boundary. Boundary somewhat represents limit or line. Like there is a fine line between being straight forward and arrogant. Always remember that crossing the line causes chaos.

Learning Skills

Matching God’s skill isn’t possible for anyone. But we should focus on Lord Rama’s intent for learning in life. One should not forget how good a student Rama was. Even after being an Incarnation of Lord Vishnu and being a Prince of such a big & powerful Empire, Rama should utmost respect towards his Gurus and teachers. This is a lesson to be learnt for the younger generation.


Rama was a skilled warrior and possessed some of the deadliest ‘Astra’ and ‘Shastras’ (weapons). Even as a teenager Rama never backed down from any challenge. He faced many dangerous and deadly demons for the safety of the masses. His bravery and commitment is unparalleled. However, even after being so brave Rama never showed off his skills and remained humble with the masses. This is a lesson for people who believe that bravery can only be teamed up with arrogance.

Anger Management

15 Qualities of Lord Rama Everyone Should Learn
15 Qualities of Lord Rama Everyone Should Learn

Anger is one of our biggest enemies. At times avoiding anger becomes very difficult. However, anger should be managed as it impacts our decision making skills and isn’t even good for our health. Lord Rama gives us a perfect lesson on anger management through his journey. The Ayodhya King (Rama) barely showed his angry side, even after facing so many problems and triumphs in his life.

Country and People First Approach

Lord Rama somewhat gives us the basic but important message of prioritizing people or state first, family & second second and you should keep yourself as the last priority on the list of preferences. Lord Rama inculcates this message by his acts where he leaves all his luxurious life for his family and later even leaves his beloved wife for his national duties (King’s duty). Rama always puts his people and their welfare above his personal needs & choices.

An Ideal Brother

Lord Rama’s story is the perfect and best example of brotherly bond. Rama had 3 brothers, where he was the eldest of the four. The four brothers shared a dynamic bond and had utmost love for each other. All of them had mutual respect for each other. Where Rama was the guiding and meteor like figure for his brothers. It’s the bond that led Laxmana to roam around in the forest with Rama in his exile period. While his another brother ‘Bharata’ left the throne vacant and placed Rama’s footwear on the throne for 14 years until Lord Rama returned back to his kingdom.


Humanity should be the core nature of humans; this is the trait and quality that differentiates us from animals. But because of power, money, jealousy and pride we are on average losing the most precious quality possessed by humans ‘humanity’. Lord Rama showcases what humanity is, even in the battle ground he never fails to show his human and humble side. The Ayodhya King even showed humanity towards his enemies in the battle ground.

An Ideal Son

In today’s time when people feel that parents are a burden and look for an old age home or other alternatives for them. On the other hand Lord Rama was an ideal son, to keep his father’s promise he even left his Kingdom and went into the forest for a 14 year exile. Rama can be easily termed as the perfect and ideal son.


15 Qualities of Lord Rama Everyone Should Learn
15 Qualities of Lord Rama Everyone Should Learn

Righteousness shows your true values and personality. Standing and supporting what is right shall be our first priority. However, most of us fail to do so. Righteousness is not just trying to do right or avoiding to do any wrong. The value of righteousness also refers to standing for right. Lord Rama symbolizes the value of righteousness and virtue that should be installed in every human being. 

An Ideal Husband

Lord Rama wasn’t just an ideal King, son or brother, he was also an ideal husband. Rama was a polite man who respected women. He was married to the Daughter of Janaka & Princess of Mithila ‘Sita’ through ‘Swayamvara’ (‘Swayamvara’ is an ancient Indian method where a woman chooses her desired husband in an event organized for her marriage). Rama stayed loyal and compassionate for Sita throughout his life.

Morals and Principles

Lord Rama always sticked to his moral values and principles even in the toughest of the phases. Anger, disappointment, rage nothing could shake his principles and morals. After killing the evil King and demons of Lanka he ordered to respectfully dispose of the bodies and tilted them as warriors who fought bravely. He even greeted the evil Lankan King Ravana for his knowledge. Moral values and Principles are vitals of a person’s personality. So, never compromise with your moral values and principles.

Dedication and Devotion towards Duties

Performing duties for most is an obligation that they have to perform under some circumstances that they can’t escape. And still most people fail to perform their duties with dedication and devotion. What if you had all the respect, reputation, wealth, skills and powers, will you still perform your duties and that too with dedication and devotion. Even after having almost everything in life Lord Rama never failed to perform his duties with dedication. This gives us a lesson that no matter where you reach in life, you should always perform your duties with sincerity. Even the tiniest and the most basic duties should be performed with dedication & devotion.

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