10 Rules to Improve Your Presentation Skills: In the modern work space, presentation skills can be a deal maker or breaker for any professional. Presentation skills are one of the most important skills for any individual in today’s time. Presentation skills can be termed as tools that are used to showcase or communicate our knowledge or information to the other person. Here are some effective and efficient rules that can make your presentation skills better.  

NO Bullets

There is no bigger myth in the world than the idea that bullet points make a presentation stand out. It doesn’t add a lot to your presentation but becomes a barrier for you as presenter. If you have prepared well and know about your topics well, then don’t add a bullet point for each and everything. It breaks your flow and you are at a constant drag of trying to explain every bullet point mentioned in your presentation.

Go Old School

Try going old-school, avoid your computers and pads. Nothing beats the feel and vibe of writing things down on paper. It adds a lot to your preparation. The screen is a constant distraction with its fonts, templets and auto corrects. While the pen paper duo gives you calmness and enhances you creativity. Because here your brain thinks and hands do the job, there is no unwanted distraction.

10 Rules to Improve Your Presentation Skills
10 Rules to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Big Better & Bolder

With the constant interaction with the screen, very few are left without glasses on their eyes. So in times when people don’t have a long attention span don’t test their patience with your miniature stylized fonts. No one is gonna dig in for your fonts, make them bigger, better, bolder and keep it fresh & clear.

No Starburst

Again simplicity is key, making things fancy won’t make things better. Adding weird fancy stuff in your presentation will do no good to you. Don’t enhance your clutter, instead of this ‘enhance your content matter’.

Be limitless

Don’t limit yourself to the maximum or minimum number of slides. Focus on your content and needs. While making a presentation, make slides where you need to and skip where you don’t. Instead of focusing on the number of slides focus on the time you have been allotted to present your matter and prepare accordingly. The Number of slides doesn’t matter, your presentation matters.

10 Rules to Improve Your Presentation Skills
10 Rules to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Say NO to Noise

Don’t beat the bush, come straight to the point. Wasting yours and others time is of no use when it adds little to no value. Less info and too much sound is an indicator that you are not sure about your points or concept. So avoid the drag and come straight to the point.

Don’t Create a Clutter of Your Thoughts

No information is bad but information overloaded is even worse. Don’t put in a lot of info in one slide or don’t clutter a slide with your thoughts. This makes the listener/viewer get distracted or confuses them. Keep 1 thought for 1 slide. It makes the person focus on the point and also shows your clarity as a presenter.

Don’t Hesitate to leave LOGOS in Locker-room

People have a habit of filling up spaces with unwanted unnecessary logos. As if they are scared of empty spaces. Just avoid adding logos everywhere, its one of the biggest distractions and can even ruin a good presentation.

10 Rules to Improve Your Presentation Skills
10 Rules to Improve Your Presentation Skills

NO chat with Charts

It’s a common misconception that adding charts adds charm to your presentation. Don’t complicate data, keep it as simple as possible. Even if you need to use a chart, use it in a way that it is easy to understand.

Be a Storyteller

The most important aspect of presentation is being able to present in such a manner that it seems like a fluent storytelling session. People never forget stories, so present in a manner that they never forget your presentation ever. Don’t be monotonous and act like a Robo, always be organic and natural while presenting.

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