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10 ways to impress people at work

10 Ways to Impress People at Work

Feeling stifled in dead-end office work with promotion after promotion slipping away from your hand? You have to follow these easy workplace tips to get that long-wished promotion and impress people at work. In this article, you are going to read about 10 ways to impress people at work.

Arrive Early and Leave Late

Well, you are expected to work from 9 am to 5 pm. However, what’s stopping you from extending the duration? I know if you give up a few minutes earlier or start a few minutes late that is not going to affect your work. But, it may be noticeable to the superiors who are looking for a person deserving of promotion. Moreover, if you make it a habit to work a little bit more; you won’t feel the conflict against the clock and work effectively.

Work Attire

If you work in a huge office with a lot of employees then possibly the only impression your superior has of you is how you present yourself. Make sure your attire is clean, smart, and always appropriate for the workplace. Dress up yourself as you might do if you gain that promotion you are eyeing for.

10 Ways to Impress People at Work
10 Ways to Impress People at Work

Take Initiative in Work Meetings

Yes, perhaps the only tempting aspect of any meeting is to sit and let others participate. But, then who is going to impress? Instead of being the shy and quiet person in the room, show the room that you are equally invested in the meeting with inputs. If you believe you understand the matter, don’t hesitate to speak up in between the awkward silences.

Keep an Organized Work Schedule

If you have a habit of taking mental notes and in the process, you keep forgetting essential things that you need to complete. Take a moment and start the habit of planning and making to-do lists. Applications like Notion can be beneficial in several ways. It will have your schedule on a single page, making it easier for you to go on an entire day and accomplish tasks without a rush.

Help Your Colleagues at Work

There may be days when you are done with the given task ahead of time. Instead of working for another work to come to you, take a proactive approach and communicate with your colleagues and see if you can help them. This will not only show that you are willing to take extra work, but it will also prove that can be a team player. Besides, you can approach these people later if you are stuck with some work issues.

10 Ways to Impress People at Work
10 Ways to Impress People at Work

Be Consistent

Work at a level you know you can sustain the entire day. If you ever feel like you need a break, do it, but in a break room not at your desk. Suppose you are done with your task and you scrolling through your mobile phone and your boss enters the room. What kind of impression do you think that will create in his mind about you?

Be Innovative

You can be innovative at your workplace by introducing new ideas, business processes, products, and services. Study other innovative thinkers, and learn how their mind works. Observe people in business meetings and workspace; suggest how they can help a certain project in the business meetings. Never hesitate to share your point of view if you think it can be useful. You will look like the wiser, more observant, and skilled person in the room.

Learn from Mistakes

No matter how much you try, you are bound to make mistakes time and again. If you get critical comments for an effort, make sure that you don’t begin to feel sorry for yourself. Take the comments and learn from them. Make sure you don’t repeat them. No one expects you to be excellent at everything. However, your positive actions to learn from criticism will please them.

10 Ways to Impress People at Work
10 Ways to Impress People at Work

Positive Body Language

Simple body language like standing straight and having good eye contact with people suggests an affirmative and confident manner. However, make sure to not overdo these actions because you don’t want to come off as a creepy person.

Talk About Promotion

If you’ve been following these rules and you believe that you deserve this promotion, it’s time to be bold. Make sure to be self-assured and ask to have a promotion chat. Calmly and confidently outline the reasons why you believe you must have it. Highlight your qualities, your recent work, and your involvement in office work. The primary reason for doing this is so that you don’t go out of his mind while deciding who deserves the promotion.

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