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10 Longest Games of 2023

10 Longest Games of 2023

Dive into the marathon sessions of gaming with our list of the 10 longest games of 2023. From epic RPGs to expansive open worlds, these titles promise countless hours of entertainment, challenging quests, and deep storylines. Discover which games kept players glued to their screens the longest and why they’re worth your time. Ready for a gaming journey that lasts? Here’s list of 10 Longest Games of 2023.

1. LoZ: Tears of the Kingdom (110 h)

10 Longest Games of 2023 - LoZ: Tears of the Kingdom (110 h)
10 Longest Games of 2023 – LoZ: Tears of the Kingdom (110 h)

A 2023 Nintendo Switch hit and sequel to Breath of the Wild, “LoZ: Tears of the Kingdom,” offers a massive 110-hour adventure. It lets players explore a bigger world as Link, battling to save Zelda and the world from a Demon King.

Born from too many new ideas for the last game, it’s made by the same team and was first teased in 2019. Praised for its open world and creativity, it quickly sold over 19.5 million copies, becoming a top Switch game.

2. Baldur’s Gate 3 (105 h)

Baldur's Gate 3 (105 h)
Baldur’s Gate 3 (105 h)

A 105-hour long RPG released in 2023 by Larian Studios, “Baldur’s Gate 3,” is the third part of the famous series. Set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, it first appeared in early access in 2020 for macOS and Windows, fully launching in 2023 with additional console versions.

Celebrated for its engaging story and solid gameplay, it nabbed top awards and lets players craft characters for solo or online group adventures. This game brings a deep, rich experience that’s hooked players and critics alike.

3. Octopath Traveller II (80h)

10 Longest Games of 2023 - Octopath Traveller II (80h)
10 Longest Games of 2023 – Octopath Traveller II (80h)

With 80 hours of gameplay “Octopath Traveler II,” is a 2023 sequel by Square Enix, continuing the JRPG series with a fresh story and characters. Released for various platforms including Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, it offers a unique adventure.

It allows players to control eight different characters, each with their own quests and special abilities. The game, known for its ‘day’ and ‘night’ modes, changes how you interact with the world and NPCs, adding a twist to the classic RPG format. It’s a new chapter in a beloved series!

4. Starfield (65h)

Starfield (65h)
Starfield (65h)

A 65-hour space adventure by Bethesda, “Starfield,” is launched in 2023 as their first new series in 25 years, described as “Skyrim in space.” Players join space explorers, traveling across a vast Milky Way filled with real and fictional planets.

With its open-world and procedural generation, it offers extensive exploration and discovery. Despite its mixed reviews on story and exploration, the game’s world and music were highly praised. Released for Windows and Xbox after several delays, “Starfield” has soared as a commercial hit.

5. Fire Emblem Engage (63h)

10 Longest Games of 2023 - Fire Emblem Engage (63h)
10 Longest Games of 2023 – Fire Emblem Engage (63h)

A 63-hour tactical RPG for the Nintendo Switch “Fire Emblem Engage,” is the seventeenth entry in the Fire Emblem series. Released in 2023, it follows Alear, a dragon in human form, on a quest to stop the Fell Dragon Sombron.

A unique aspect is the use of “Emblem Rings” containing phantoms of characters from past Fire Emblem games, allowing players to “Engage” for added power. While praised for its gameplay depth and visuals, it fell short of the previous title, “Three Houses,” in terms of story and character impact. Nevertheless, it sold well and offered DLC content for fans.

6. Final Fantasy XVI (58h)

Final Fantasy XVI (58h)
Final Fantasy XVI (58h)

A 58-hour action RPG by Square Enix “Final Fantasy XVI,” is launched in 2023 on the PlayStation 5. Set in the world of Valisthea, it revolves around six nations vying for power via magical Crystals and Dominants. Players follow Clive Rosfield as he navigates a conflict triggered by a magical drought.

The game is praised for its engaging story, graphics, music, and gameplay. However, critics noted its lack of traditional RPG elements, technical issues, and side quest design. Despite these criticisms, it garnered over three million sales in its first week.

7. Hogwarts Legacy (46h)

10 Longest Games of 2023 - Hogwarts Legacy (46h)
10 Longest Games of 2023 – Hogwarts Legacy (46h)

An action RPG released in 2023,”Hogwarts Legacy,” lets players experience the Wizarding World a century before Harry Potter’s time. As a student at Hogwarts, you’ll learn magic, explore secrets, and uncover ancient mysteries. The game generated excitement but also faced controversy due to its connection with J.K. Rowling’s views.

Despite this, it became a huge success, selling over 15 million copies and grossing $1 billion. Critics praised its combat, world, and content variety but noted technical issues and a lack of innovation. With 46 hours of gameplay, it offers a magical journey for fans of the Wizarding World.

8. Diablo IV (41h)

Diablo IV (41h)
Diablo IV (41h)

Released in 2023 “Diablo IV,” is an online action RPG by Blizzard Entertainment, the fourth installment in the Diablo series. Players choose from five classes, like Barbarian and Sorcerer, and embark on quests battling enemies. The game maintains classic features like procedurally generated dungeons and loot collection while introducing an open world and player vs. player combat.

Critics praised the game’s narrative and atmosphere. Within five days of launch, it generated an impressive $666 million in revenue. With around 41 hours of gameplay, “Diablo IV” offers an engaging and challenging dungeon-crawling experience for players.

9. Lies of P (37h)

10 Longest Games of 2023 - Lies of P (37h)
10 Longest Games of 2023 – Lies of P (37h)

A Soulslike action RPG released in 2023 “Lies of P,” offers a gripping adventure. Players control Pinocchio as he navigates the city of Krat, battling biomechanical foes with swords, axes, and even a flamethrower-equipped mechanical arm. The game’s unique “Lying System” allows players’ decisions to shape the story and lead to different endings.

With 30 weapon types and 100 combinations, the gameplay is reminiscent of titles like Dark Souls and Sekiro. Critics praised the game, and it sold one million units by October 2023. With approximately 37 hours of gameplay, “Lies of P” delivers a thrilling experience.

10. Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (35h)

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (35h)
Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (35h)

A historical fantasy action RPG “Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty” takes players into a fictionalized version of the fall of the Han Dynasty. You play as an unnamed hero battling corrupted historical figures and mythological creatures. The game’s combat system is a highlight, with melee weapon deflection and special attacks.

Players can even team up with Divine Beasts for added power. The game offers customization options and is somewhat linear, with the ability to save progress using Battle Flags. With approximately 35 hours of gameplay, it received positive reviews and sold over a million units by April 2023.

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