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10 Books That Are Similar To Divergent

10 Books That Are Similar To Divergent

10 Books That Are Similar To Divergent

10 Books That Are Similar To Divergent: Do you want to read books like young adult science fiction adventure similar to “Divergent”? If you just finished reading Veronica Roth’s excellent series of young adult dystopian novels, you’re probably still wiping your eyes and exhaling heavily. Well you can now rejoice since this article offers many books to read after Divergent.

Eve and Adam – Micheal Grant

10 Books That Are Similar To Divergent - Eve and Adam – Micheal Grant
10 Books That Are Similar To Divergent – Eve and Adam – Micheal Grant

And boy was made by a girl… The story began with an apple, followed by a vehicle accident, a terrible injury, and a clinic. However, a weird young man named Solo is hurrying Evening Spiker to her mother’s research center even before her thoughts can clear. Eve is left alone to recover there, receiving the greatest care possible.

When Eve fears she may pass away—not from her wounds but rather from boredom—her mother assigns her a particular task: design the ideal boy. Eve begins creating a son from scratch using an incredibly accurate simulation. Adam is being made by Eve. And he’ll be absolutely ideal, won’t he?

Legend – Marie Lu

Legend – Marie Lu
Legend – Marie Lu

This book will thrill readers with its relentless action and keep them on the edge of their seats with its romance and suspense. The Republic, a country that is constantly at war with its neighbours, now resides in what was formerly the western United States. June, 15, is a prodigy being prepared for success in the Republic’s top military circles. She was born into a prosperous family among the Republic’s wealthiest neighbourhoods. The most sought-after criminal in the country is a 15-year-old named Day, who was born in a slum. However, he may not have the wicked intentions that first appear.

June and Day, who come from completely different worlds, don’t have any cause to meet till the day Metias, June’s brother is killed and Day is named the main suspect. In the ultimate game of cat and mouse, Day is battling for the survival of his family, and June is seeking payback from Day for Metias’s death. In an unexpected turn of events, the two discover the horrible truth about what apparently brought them together and the unscrupulous lengths their country would go to retain its secrets.

The Maze Runner – James Dashner

10 Books That Are Similar To Divergent - The Maze Runner – James Dashner
10 Books That Are Similar To Divergent – The Maze Runner – James Dashner

Only his name is retained in Thomas’ memory when he’s awake in the elevator. Boys who have likewise lost their memories are all around him; they are strangers. Hello, Shank. Nice to meet you. You’re invited to the Glade. There is an infinite, ever-evolving maze outside the massive stone walls that enclose the Glade. Nobody has ever survived, despite the fact that it is the only way out. The entire world will alter. Then a woman shows up. a girl was the first. She also conveys a frightening message. Remember. Survive. Run.

Shiver – Maggie Stiefvater

Shiver – Maggie Stiefvater
Shiver – Maggie Stiefvater

Grace has spent a lot of time observing the wolves in the forests behind her home. She can’t seem to exist without the chilling presence of one wolf with golden eyes, her wolf. Sam has lived 2 lives in the meantime: one in the winter’s freezing forests, under the pack’s protection, and in the quiet companionship of a brave girl. A few priceless weeks of being human in the summer, up until the cold forces him to shift back. Grace now encounters a boy with yellow eyes whose familiarity astounds her. She has a wolf. It is necessary. But as winter approaches, Sam must struggle to maintain his humanity, or risk losing both Grace and himself for good.

I Am Number Four – Pittacus Lore

10 Books That Are Similar To Divergent - I Am Number Four – Pittacus Lore
10 Books That Are Similar To Divergent – I Am Number Four – Pittacus Lore

We all came here, nine of us. We resemble you, your language. All nine of us are a part of you. We are not you, though. We are capable of achieving your goals and possess abilities you only wish for. You have never seen anything as powerful and quick as us. We are the heroes you admire in films and comic novels, but we are also actual people.

Our strategy for fighting them was to develop, train, and become stronger by working together. However, they located us and began pursuing us first. We are all currently running. We spent our entire lives blending in, lurking in the shadows, and going unnoticed. Without your knowledge, we have been residing among you. But they do. In Malaysia, they got Number One. Number 2 in England. And third in Kenya. All of them were assassinated by them. I’m the fourth one. I’m next.

Cinder – Marissa Meyer

Cinder – Marissa Meyer
Cinder – Marissa Meyer

The chaotic streets of Beijing are crowded with both humans and androids. A terrible epidemic is wreaking havoc on the society. A cunning Lunar people watch from orbit, ready to strike. Nobody is aware that Cinder, a talented mechanic and cyborg, is the girl whose fate determines the fate of Earth.

She has a complicated past, is hated by her stepmother, and is accused of being the cause of her stepsister’s illness. She is a second-class citizen. However, she finds herself caught in the centre of an intergalactic struggle and an illicit attraction when her life begins to become intertwined with that of the handsome Prince Kai. She is pulled between devotion and disloyalty, duty and freedom, and she must uncover riddles from her past in order to protect her world.

Matched – Ally Condie

10 Books That Are Similar To Divergent - Matched – Ally Condie
10 Books That Are Similar To Divergent – Matched – Ally Condie

The story “Matched” is one that resonates like a classic and is relevant to today. Authorities make decisions in Society. One you love. Your workplace. Even death. They’ve always made decisions Cassia has trusted. A long life, the ideal work, and the ideal partner are rarely worth the price. So when her best buddy shows up on the matching screen, Cassia is very positive that he is the one, until she briefly glimpses another face before the screen goes dark. The choices Cassia must make now are impossible: between Xander and Ky, between the life, she has always known and a route no one else has ever dared take, and between perfection and passion.

Partials – Dan Wells

Partials – Dan Wells
Partials – Dan Wells

After a conflict with Partials, engineered organic entities that are indistinguishable from humans, devastated the populationand , mankind is all but extinct. The surviving individuals in North America have gathered on Long Island after being reduced to mere hundreds of hundreds by a weaponized infection to which only a small portion of humanity is immune. However, Kira, 16, is committed to finding a solution. She learns that the preservation of both humanity and Partials depends on her attempts to provide answers to questions regarding the start of the war that she never learned to ask as she urgently seeks to salvage what is left of her race.

Partials are, at its core, a story of survival that explores the unique narratives and complicated relationships of all those left alone, both Partials and humans alike, and of the way in which one’s own point of view greatly influences one’s perception of what is right and what is wrong in this world. It does this by playing on our curiosity about and obsession with the entire collapse of civilization.

Graceling – Kristin Cashore

10 Books That Are Similar To Divergent - Graceling – Kristin Cashore
10 Books That Are Similar To Divergent – Graceling – Kristin Cashore

In her debut novel, author Kristin Cashore develops a captivating world, a life-or-death adventure, and a heart-pounding romance that will engross readers, hold them captive, and leave them seeking more. As a Graceling, among the few individuals in her country born with exceptional talent, Katsa had already been able to assassinate a man with her bare fists when she was eight years old. She ought to be able to enjoy a privileged life as the king’s niece, but because of her propensity for murder, she must serve as the monarch’s bodyguard. Katsa does not anticipate falling in love with charming Prince Po. She never anticipates discovering the truth about her Grace or the awful secret that is stashed away in a remote location and which, if spoken, may annihilate all seven kingdoms.

Skylark – Meagan Spooner

Skylark – Meagan Spooner
Skylark – Meagan Spooner

Her world comes to an end at the corner of the enormous domed energy barrier that surrounds what’s left of humanity. The city has maintained this barrier for the past 200 years by collecting its young people’s intrinsic magical force when they enter adolescence. When it’s Lark’s turn to be picked, she becomes caught in a terrifying web of tests and discovers she is a Reusable, able to regain her own strength after it has been taken away.

Lark must make her way through the terrifying wild beyond the end of the earth after being forced to abandon the only home she has ever known in order to avoid a life as a human battery. She needs to escape swiftly if she wants to have any chance of surviving because the clockwork constructions of the city are closing in on her and a weird wild kid is pursuing her in the countryside. She has heard rumours that others like her are secretly hiding someplace in the west, but will she be able to survive long enough to reach them?

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