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Written in the Stars

Written in the Stars : By – Alexandria Bellefleu

By – Alexandria Bellefleu

Written in the Stars is the very first novel I’ve read by Alexandria Bellefleur, and i can’t wait to peruse more from her. This book is a F/F (LGBT) Romance. I’ve always thought of reading book on this genre, and it was one of my objectives during the current year (2020). if you are an aficionado of Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones, you will appreciate this book.

Female Protagonist Elle Jones is an Astrologer who runs the well known Twitter account called Oh My Stars! She’s one character that I will love to be friend with in light of the fact that her character is energetic, and she’s consistently joyous beyond words. She’s a sentimental and loves life. Shockingly, her family needs her to be more genuine, particularly with her work. They don’t think of her as effective. I felt for her character and how she was dealt with. She deserve love.

Female Protagonist Darcy Lowell remind me of ‘Darcy’ from Pride and Prejudice. She isn’t searching for affection, however tragically, her younger sibling is determined for her to discover somebody. She’s all about her work and getting over her past of having her grief stricken. She’s the direct inverse of Elle, and Darcy experiences issues tolerating Elle from the start until she becomes acquainted with her.

Storyline: Elle Jones is searching for a perfect partner and her new colleague Brendon sets her up with his sister, Darcy. The date is a finished fiasco until Elle hears uniquely in contrast to Brendon. Darcy needs to get her younger sibling away from her and sets up a phony relationship with Elle. The two of them set a cutoff time for their fake relationship and furthermore arrangement conditions. It won’t be simple faking a relationship with the two families.

My Thoughts: Written in the Stars is a fantastic tale around two characters that become hopelessly enamored that are direct inverses of one another. I adored Elle’s character and how fruitful she and her companion Margot is with Oh My Stars! This book was satisfying

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