A dark, unpredictable, and twisty look at friendship and betrayal, and it will surprise you right up until the end.

By – Mina Hardy

After All I’ve Done by Mina Hardy is filled with suspense. Diana Sparrow is recovering from an accident that left her with two broken collarbones and a few months void in her memories. Fortunately her mother-in-law Harriett Richmond is close by to think about her. but, what truly makes Diana happy is that her husband Jonathan is spending time away from home. Their marriage has been stressed for a long while and she also found he is having affair with her childhood best friend Valerie “Val” Delagatti. However, Diana can’t leave him since her wounds are taking long time to heal and a pre-nup agreement. At last recapturing a portion of her freedom, she is starting to feel smothered by Harriett. Diana is unexpectedly started feeling outrageous sluggishness alongside a couple of other baffling symptoms.

Diana’s lost memories may stay away forever and she is haunted by bad dreams. Resolved to invest energy all alone, she starts going to a most loved coffeehouse and she pursues an art class. She additionally make friendship with Cole who is likewise taking the class. But who is this puzzling outsider? By all appearances, Cole is compassionate and caring, but is his pleasant persona simply an act? or is it safe to say that he is trying to help Diana? Or then again is there a more vile purpose behind his association with her?

Val is the only individual Diana would trust. The two ladies are long lasting companions who reinforced over their broken and injurious childhoods. Their fellowship has always been close, however Val has a plan as she keeps carrying on her on going affair with Jonathan. Does Val know more about what occurred during Diana’s lost memory time than she is letting on? Furthermore, exactly how far would she go to take Diana’s husband for herself?

Shifting back and forth between three unmistakable perspectives, After All I’ve Done is a fast pace and exciting mystery. Diana’s character is justified very well and her battles to recover her health and missing memories are practically depicted. Harriett is the caring mother Diana never had. Jonathan and Val are hard to like as they stay self-absorbed while the individual they purport to love battles in the result of her accident. With an eye-popping unexpected development, Mina Hardy carries this entrancing suspenseful thrill ride to a totally jaw, dropping end. I altogether delighted in and HIGHLY recommend this domestic mystery.

Podcast ( After All I’ve Done : By – Mina Hardy )

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