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Top Comic Book Publishers in the World (excluding Marvel & DC)

Top Comic Book Publishers in the World (excluding Marvel & DC)

Comic comics have become incredibly popular in recent years. They may be found everywhere, in both film and television adaptations. Publishers of comic books have come and gone throughout everything, through the highs and lows. In the past 30 years, the industry has witnessed a proliferation of comic book publishers emerging and establishing the kind of enduring strength that most people only dream of. Marvel and DC have existed from the beginning of time, but the others well, they haven’t. That’s all right. The industry requires fresh talent. What about them? Who are the publishers of comic books that have lasted the test of time? This list aims to provide you with a brief overview of a number of other publishers who aren’t producing Iron Man, Superman, and other well-known books. Here are the top comic book publishers in the world (excluding Marvel & DC) that everyone should be familiar with.

Image Comics

Top comic book publishers in the world - Image Comics
Top comic book publishers in the world – Image Comics

Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Marc Silvestri, Rob Liefeld, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino, and Whilce Portacio were among the comic book creators at the top of their game in the 1990s. The seven left DC and Marvel to build a society where creators were in charge because they were dissatisfied with how they were paid for their work. They did rule, too.

Savage Dragon, Spawn, The Maxx, The Walking Dead, and Saga all developed from this straightforward concept. The first books published by Image Comics quickly rose to the top of the charts in terms of sales. Image Comics rose to become the third-largest comic book publisher almost as soon as it was founded. And it continues to be a major force in the sector today.

IDW Publishing

IDW Publishing
Top Comic Book Publishers in the World (excluding Marvel & DC) – IDW Publishing

IDW, also recognized as Idea and Design Works, LLC, is renowned for adapting authorized franchises into comic books. Alex Garner, Ted Adams, Robbie Robbins, and Kris Oprisko are the creators of IDW. When DC acquired Wildstorm comics, the business started to make money right away. Ted Adams and IDW were able to gain the clientele that Adams was in charge of at Wildstorm thanks to the deal.

The group decided to launch a new business each year after collecting their first year’s revenues. They now have comic book licensing for a number of properties, including Back To The Future, G.I. Joe, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and My Little Pony. IDW is a major player and has supported Comics For Cause, a sibling company, from the beginning.

Valiant Comics

Top comic book publishers in the world - Valiant Comics
Top comic book publishers in the world – Valiant Comics

You are bound to achieve greatness when your company was created by a legendary figure in the field. In 1989, Steven Massarsky and Jim Shooter established Valiant Entertainment. The business was established with the intention of disseminating a much more simplified universe that its characters shared. It sought to establish a cosmos whose continuity wasn’t constantly in doubt or unclear.

Valiant published comics including Harbinger and Rai after the company’s founding in 1991. These books both received positive reviews and made it onto lists of the Top 10 Comic Books for several months in a row. Valiant has been consistent in the comic book industry despite upheaval and ownership disputes. It is worthy of recognition as a comic book publisher because of that.

Dark Horse

Dark Horse
Top Comic Book Publishers in the World (excluding Marvel & DC) – Dark Horse

Dark Horse Comics has established in 1986 thanks to a concept by Mike Richardson. Richardson operated his store and utilized the money it made to launch his own publishing business. His good fortune and diligence led Dark Horse to publish some of the most iconic comics in history, including Sin City, Hellboy, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, not long after the company’s founding.

From there, the business built a reputation by publishing authorized comic books. Conan, Star Wars, and Alien were a few of these. Dark Horse has a remarkable 32-year history and is a Dark Horse. As a result, it merits inclusion on this list. Check them out if you are seeking a decent comic and wish to stay away from popular culture.


Top comic book publishers in the world - Chapterhouse
Top comic book publishers in the world – Chapterhouse

A list would be incomplete without mentioning a Canadian publisher. The goal of Toronto-based comic book publisher Chapterhouse is to use Canadian characters to build a cohesive universe. Since its founding in 2015, the company has expanded tremendously.

Characters including Northguard, Captain Canuck, Freelance, and True Patriot are among its impressive cast. Jay Baruchel, a longstanding supporter, actor, and comic book enthusiast, most recently joined the team as a co-owner and chief creative officer. The possibilities for Chapterhouse are endless.

Boom! Studios

Boom! Studios
Boom! Studios

Boom! Studios, a Los Angeles-based company that first published comic books in 2005, has grown to be a significant force in the industry. Ross Richie, the creator of Boom! Studios, devoted his time trying to simplify the process of turning comic book adaptations into films as a result of his aggravation. He ultimately decided to develop Boom! in his apartment’s spare bedroom. Only four months later, the business was recognized as the “Best New Publisher.”

Boom! originally set out to produce exceptional original stories, but it has now added licensed material to its library. Among them are WWE, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Cartoon Network, and Jim Henson Company properties.

Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite Entertainment
Top comic book publishers in the world – Dynamite Entertainment

Dynamite has become a major player in the market by concentrating on comic book adaptations of already-existing properties. Nick Barrucci established Dynamite in 2005 with just one game, Army of Darkness. Quite a few publications were included on the list throughout the course of the following few years. Red Sonja was the most well-known of these characters. Red Sonja “0” was released by Dynamite with a 25-cent price in order to heighten interest. The issue immediately sold over 200,000 copies, which led to the $2.99 Red Sonja “1” being released.

Dynamite has amassed an astounding collection of titles throughout the years. Highlander, Xena: Warrior Princess, Sherlock Holmes, Zorro, and Terminator are a few of these. If we reflect on it, 2005 might have been a fantastic year for comics because it saw the establishment of both Dynamite and Boom! Studios. Nobody can predict whether something similar will occur again, so let’s celebrate their tenacity and perseverance if it doesn’t.

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