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Top 5 Horror Movies of 2022

Top 5 Horror Movies of 2022

Top 5 Horror Movies of 2022: The year 2022 was frightening in many ways for the movie business, but horror once again proved to be a damn good genre, both financially and artistically. The explanations behind that might be rather clear, but to put it simply, this is a category that appreciates new surprises that are performed in an inexpensive manner. These horror films guarantee an enjoyable scare fest, with jump scares and spine-tingling, suspenseful otherworldly situations that keep you on edge.

Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil
Speak No Evil

Two families, a Danish and a Dutch one, meet while on vacation and congregate in the Dutch family’s house in an attempt to break out of their monotonous routine. What starts out as a comedy of errors develops into the year’s most depressing vision. The gathering grows more uneasy as polite arguments and cultural misinterpretations turn into something far more menacing.

The tension is ramped up and released too many breaking points, culminating in a finale guaranteed to make you cancel your next vacation. A brilliant, vicious writing written with his brother Mads with claustrophobic direction from Christian Tafdrup.


Top 5 Horror Movies of 2022 - Nope
Top 5 Horror Movies of 2022 – Nope

The big sci-fi extravaganza “Nope,” Jordan Peele’s third movie, doesn’t quite reach the magnificent heights of “Us” or “Get Out,” but it does broaden the filmmaker’s perspective. Without giving anything away, a bizarre array of characters fight against an object that resembles a flying saucer and is causing trouble at horse farms.

There are some unforgettable scenes and imagery in the movie, notably the sitcom shoot gone wrong that begins it, an all-time classic fake-out fright in the middle, and a haunting glimpse of alien physiology. However, a big portion of the movie plays more as an adventure than a horror movie. Repeat viewings of “Nope,” which was expertly captured by Hoyte van Hoytema, reveal considerably more.



You’ll experience every typical horror film jump fright, along with possession, in this paranormal film starring Sandra Oh. Sandra portrays a Korean immigrant living on a remote farm in America. After being abused by her mother for years, she changed her identity and left the country. With her daughter by her side, Amanda is living a serene life after entirely enunciating her Korean heritage. Her uncle’s arrival with her mother’s ashes, though, brings up the past.

Amanda, who is terrified, begins seeing flashbacks to her traumatic past and makes plans to bury the ashes. However, Umma’s ghost appears to be threatening to end Amanda’s life and that of her daughter. Furthermore, it is about accepting and forgiving.

Choose or Die

Top 5 Horror Movies of 2022 - Choose or Die
Top 5 Horror Movies of 2022 – Choose or Die

The film begins with Hal, a video game collector, receiving a computer game. Hal installs the game with excitement and begins to play. Hal is given choices throughout the game that will influence how he plays it in the future. However, every decision he makes in the virtual world hurts his family in the actual world. A few months later, the game is found by Kayla, a student who works as a cleaner at night, in her friend’s apartment.

When Kayla calls the game’s number, she is given the opportunity to win a sizable sum of money. Kayla agrees to play and receives the money after being duped. Similar to Hal, Kayla is unaware of the game’s curse. The film is unique compared to other horror films. It uses modern technologies to generate fear. Finally, it makes you feel worn out by the virtual world, which is an essential component of modern existence.



There aren’t any “visible” ghosts in this film; instead, the tense situations, Bill Skarsgrd’s presence, and the disturbing setup will frighten you out. Tess, a young woman in the film, is shown traveling to a small town for an interview and reserving an Airbnb, which she regrettably has to share with Keith.

She chooses to stay despite the audience’s mental requests for her to leave in response to her stupid decision to stay. She soon encounters strange occurrences at the house and an enigmatic woman, whom the locals refer to as Mother. As a viewer, you know it’s only the starting of a terrifying trip when Mother and Keith emerge in their “good man” act.

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