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Top 10 Clones in DC Comics (in terms of power)

Top 10 Clones in DC Comics (in terms of power)

Imagine being able to clone Superman’s awe-inspiring strength or Wonder Woman’s indomitable spirit. In the complex universe of DC Comics, this isn’t just a thought experiment—it’s a reality. Unraveling the moral complexities of identity and the consequences of power unchecked, these genetically replicated characters challenge our superheroes in ways unimaginable. They are often just as strong, fast, and durable as their original counterparts, but each brings their unique twist to the powers they possess. In this article, we’re exploring “Top 10 Clones in DC Comics (in terms of power)”.

Top 10 Clones in DC Comics (in terms of power)


Top 10 Clones in DC Comics (in terms of power) - Doomsday

Top 10 Clones in DC Comics (in terms of power) – Doomsday

Doomsday is arguably the most powerful and brutal clone in DC Comics, infamous for being the monster responsible for Superman’s death. The monstrosity that is Doomsday was not born, but made, the product of a relentless and cruel cloning process enacted over countless generations.

In the perilous prehistoric landscape of Krypton, an alien scientist named Bertron initiated an experiment of unfathomable horror: he repeatedly left a humanoid infant to die in the planet’s severe environment, resurrecting it through cloning each time it perished. The result of this endless cycle of death and rebirth was an entity that continually evolved and adapted, transforming into a nigh-unstoppable force of destruction.

After escaping its creators, Doomsday embarked on a path of chaos and violence, its evolutionary process turning it into the ultimate weapon. Its power and brutality, therefore, are not only a testament to its own might but also serve as a chilling reminder of the dangers of unchecked scientific ambition and the devastating potential of cloning technology.

Superboy (Kon-El)

Superboy (Kon-El)

Superboy (Kon-El)

Unraveling the paradox of nature and nurture, Conner Kent, also known as Kon-El or Superboy, embodies an exciting blend of the most potent forces in the DC Universe. A unique concoction of Superman’s Kryptonian DNA and Lex Luthor’s human genes, Conner is a remarkable teenager endowed with super strength, astonishing speed, and the ability to soar the skies. But there’s more to him than being a Superman replica.

His standout power, tactile telekinesis, lets him control matter through physical contact, showcasing his distinctive abilities. Furthermore, Conner’s journey is a captivating saga marked by his constant struggle to reconcile his heroic tendencies, a legacy from Superman, with the sinister genius of Luthor that lingers in his DNA. His story is not just about power; it’s about discovering identity in the shadow of immense expectations and defining what it means to be ‘Superboy’ in a world already accustomed to a ‘Superman’.

Solomon Grundy

Top 10 Clones in DC Comics (in terms of power) - Solomon Grundy

Top 10 Clones in DC Comics (in terms of power) – Solomon Grundy

A name that sends chills down the spine of many a hero in the DC Universe is Solomon Grundy. This undead behemoth, originally a human transformed into a reanimated corpse, encountered a dark evolution of his power when he was cloned into a more bestial version of himself – a form so mighty that even Superman struggled against it.

After being banished by the Man of Steel to a harsh, remote planet, Grundy proved his enduring tenacity by returning several times, each incarnation more dangerous than the last. In a shocking revelation, Superman and Swamp Thing discovered that Grundy had spawned multiple clones of himself, leading to a tumultuous showdown.

Ultimately, it took a specialized compound from STAR Labs, the leading institution in metahuman research, to halt the rampage of Grundy’s monstrous clones. The saga of Grundy’s clones not only underscores his immense power but also adds a terrifying new dimension to his lore, demonstrating the frightening possibilities of combining the supernatural with cloning technology.




In the vast universe of DC Comics, Bizarro stands out as a perverse reflection of Superman, a testament to the dangerous potential of genetic cloning in the wrong hands. This bizarre creation of Lex Luthor is an unpredictable juggernaut, wielding immense power that often spirals into chaos due to his inability to control it. Bizarro mimics Superman’s powers, possessing super strength, flight, heat vision, and freeze breath, but these abilities are prone to malfunctioning and often invert. His heat vision freezes, and his freeze breath burns, causing substantial destruction in unexpected ways.

Further compounding the challenges posed by Bizarro is his inverted logic, leading to strange language patterns and erratic behavior. Easily manipulated and often tricked into wreaking havoc while believing he’s performing heroic acts, Bizarro presents a uniquely chaotic threat. His story is not just about the power of cloning, but also a sobering exploration of its potential misuse.

Donna Troy

Top 10 Clones in DC Comics (in terms of power) - Donna Troy

Top 10 Clones in DC Comics (in terms of power) – Donna Troy

A pivotal figure in the Teen Titans lineup, Donna has been variously portrayed as Wonder Woman’s adoptive sister, a clay figure crafted to vanquish Wonder Woman, and perhaps most fascinatingly, a magical clone of the Amazonian princess herself.

The sorceress Magala birthed this unique incarnation of Donna using a magic mirror to duplicate Wonder Woman. However, the tale took a dark turn when Donna fell into the clutches of the malevolent Dark Angel, who condemned her to cycle through numerous tragic lives. Her eventual rescue by Wonder Woman, Hippolyta, and The Flash marked a poignant turning point in her story. Donna Troy’s saga underscores the multifaceted nature of cloning in the DC Universe, revealing a dimension where the lines between science and sorcery blur, bringing forth characters of fascinating complexity.

Power Girl

Power Girl

Power Girl

The mantle of Supergirl has been assumed by numerous individuals in the DC Universe, with a plethora of iterations hailing from alternate realities and parallel universes. In the acclaimed series ‘DC Bombshells’, a remarkable clone of Supergirl makes her appearance: Power Girl.

Spawned by the machinations of this universe’s Hugo Strange, Power Girl was created following Supergirl’s departure from the Soviet Union. Firmly believing her original to be a traitor, Power Girl initially harbored deep resentment for Supergirl. However, in an emotionally charged confrontation during ‘Year Three’, Supergirl was able to reach through Power Girl’s animosity. Together, they ultimately put a stop to Hugo Strange’s nefarious plans. This narrative underscores the unique aspect of clones in the DC Universe, showing how even replicas can grow, change, and ally with their originals to overcome common foes.


Top 10 Clones in DC Comics (in terms of power) - Match

Top 10 Clones in DC Comics (in terms of power) – Match

Born from the cryptic agendas of Project Cadmus, Match stands as a chilling testament to the power and potential dangers of genetic engineering. He is an exact genetic clone of Superboy, complete with his suite of superhuman abilities such as strength, speed, agility, and invulnerability. Yet, Match is a far cry from the morally grounded Superboy.

Engineered to be a relentless machine of aggression, Match is bereft of empathy or a moral compass, making him a volatile and unpredictable foe. His ferocity is further enhanced by a special serum coursing through his veins, escalating his instability and propensity for violence. Unlike Superboy, Match’s mission is not to save, but to obey the whims of Project Cadmus. His ruthless demeanor and undeterred obedience make him a formidable adversary, even for his original, Superboy.

Subject Zero

Subject Zero

Subject Zero

This clone of Superman, meticulously crafted by the infamous villain Lex Luthor, echoes the Man of Steel’s awe-inspiring abilities, including super strength, speed, durability, and potent energy projection powers such as heat vision and freeze breath. Yet, Subject Zero is no mere copy of Superman; he teeters on the edge of sanity, making him dangerously unpredictable and prone to violent outbursts. Distinguishing him further from other clones is his heightened intelligence and cunning, adding an extra layer of threat to his already formidable persona.

More than just a brute force, Subject Zero wields his powers and intellect to manipulate others, using them as pawns to advance his own insidious agendas. In his narrative, we see the specter of how cloning, when misused, can lead to the creation of powerful but unstable beings, bringing forth ethical and moral quandaries for the universe they inhabit.

Joseph Gardner

Top 10 Clones in DC Comics (in terms of power) - Joseph Gardner

Top 10 Clones in DC Comics (in terms of power) – Joseph Gardner

Renowned for his resilience, Gardner found himself in an unexpected situation when alien scientists abducted him with the intention of cloning the stalwart hero. But, in classic Gardner style, he disrupted their plans, leading to a clone devoid of his memories but saturated with his less appealing traits.

This clone, adopting the moniker Joseph and wielding a yellow power ring, descended onto Earth, posing as Guy during his off-planet sojourn. Joseph, with his unparalleled power and uncontrolled anger, single-handedly vanquished the entire Justice League. Escaping the aftermath, he took to abducting Lantern Corps members, selling them into slavery. This audacious act eventually led to a heated confrontation with the original Guy Gardner. Through Joseph’s story, we are exposed to the duplicity of cloning, and how it can distort and misuse the power of even the most noble heroes.




Charting the chronicles of clones in the DC Universe leads us to the captivating tale of the first Manhunter, Paul Kirk. This anti-hero vigilante not only had a few clones of himself made but also found himself leading an army of his own replicas, a narrative that speaks volumes about the complexities of cloning.

The architects of this clone army were a clandestine group known as the Council, who kept Paul Kirk in suspended animation for years while meticulously creating his duplicates. Meant to serve as their leader, Manhunter underwent rigorous training and enhancement of his abilities. However, upon realizing the Council’s threat to humanity, he rebelled. Joining forces with allies like Batman, Manhunter confronted his creators. Yet, the clones’ narratives didn’t end there. One of them served the formidable Darkseid, forming the Secret Society of Super-Villains, only to be destroyed by Darkseid himself.

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