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Top 10 books by Brandon Sanderson

Top 10 Books by Brandon Sanderson

Top 10 books by Brandon Sanderson: Without a doubt, fantasy literature’s monarch is Brandon Sanderson. Finding a writer who is continuously productive and can consistently produce high-caliber fiction is uncommon.

Most of his novels take place in the Cosmere, a shared reality where a mysterious being named Adonalsium is assassinated by sixteen conspirators and its abilities fractured into sixteen shards. He is known for his intricate plots and original magic systems (which are frequently based on science).

The sixteen conspirators use these shards to venture to new planets and introduce various kinds of magic. Because these universes are largely ignorant of one another, the stories are effectively kept apart while nevertheless sharing some characteristics.


Top 10 Books by Brandon Sanderson - Elantris
Top 10 Books by Brandon Sanderson – Elantris

The original Sanderson book was a stand-alone epic fantasy set in an immortal city where people may create and heal with a single motion. What’s best? Through a supernatural change known as the Shard, anybody can become an Elantra.

Ten years before the start of the novel, however, disaster strikes, wiping out Elantrian magic, cursing the populace, and cutting off the city from the outside world. Anybody infected by the Shard is currently sent into the city and afflicted with an unending hunger and misery. This is the first tale in Sanderson’s Cosmere series, providing the groundwork for one of the most intricate and well-developed fictional worlds in contemporary fantasy.



In Warbreaker, an elder sister sets out on a mission to rescue her younger sister, who has been ordered to marry the God-king of a hostile neighbouring country. After the God-king is exposed as a puppet and the two become embroiled in a plot to seize absolute control, things become messy. The siblings join up with a mystery man who can employ breath, a mystical energy that transforms people into superhumans, and who wields a talking, terribly simple-minded sword to survive.


Top 10 Books by Brandon Sanderson - Steelheart
Top 10 Books by Brandon Sanderson – Steelheart

You would say that you prefer science fiction? Well, Sanderson has that as well. Some humans were transformed into “Epics,” bestowing them with superpowers that go outside the laws of nature, after the appearance of a circling cosmic entity known as Calamity. When it turns out that these people are huge bad news, hopes of having superheroes in the future are dashed. Governments broke down, and Epics took control of the rest of humanity. One normal person is now after them, and he isn’t only targeting the Epic that killed his father.

Arcanum Unbounded

Arcanum Unbounded
Arcanum Unbounded

Try out Sanderson’s collection of short stories if you’re not yet ready to plunge into the Cosmere. Nine brief pieces in Arcanum Unbounded wonderfully reflect his literary language and style and serve as an excellent introduction to the Cosmere. For instance, The Emperor’s Soul is a notable book about a great forger who is compelled to “Forge” a new soul for the emperor after an assassination attempt left him brain-dead.

White Sand

Top 10 Books by Brandon Sanderson - White Sand
Top 10 Books by Brandon Sanderson – White Sand

White Sand, Sanderson’s sole graphic novel (as of this writing), concerns a group of individuals who have a variety of techniques to manipulate sand. Kenton believes he is the lone survivor when the weakest members of the group are suddenly massacred. To protect himself from unidentified schemes and foes, he joins forces with a woman who also has some sinister secrets. This tale can assist you in entering the Cosmere universe if you’re a more visual reader. There are now only three volumes available, but they are all pretty lengthy, so you will get a few hours of reading time.



As a result of his distinct mental state, Stephen Leeds is wealthy, intelligent, and skilled at what he does. He can create many different personalities, each with a unique set of abilities and information. Numerous fictitious specialists are everywhere he goes to assist him. When he receives an improbable photograph, he has to find the person who created the camera that can capture images from the past.

The Rithmatist

Top 10 Books by Brandon Sanderson - The Rithmatist
Top 10 Books by Brandon Sanderson – The Rithmatist

In a world where magic exists, a technique known as asthmatics is used to battle creatures known as Chalkings. Joel longs to be a Rithmatist, but he can only watch with envious fascination as others put their magical skills to use. Joel is tasked with aiding the investigations when students start to vanish, which results in a finding that will forever alter their world.

The Gathering Storm

The Gathering Storm
The Gathering Storm

Sanderson was chosen by Robert Jordan’s widow and editor to complete the epic fantasy series when Jordan passed away and left it incomplete. This is regarded as one of the best volumes in the series and, along with Towers of Midnight and A Memory of Light, not only adhered to Jordan’s original vision. However, I do suggest that you start with the first book, The Eye of the World, and read it cover to cover.

The Last Battle, Tarmon Gai’don, is approaching, but humanity is unprepared. The Dragon Reborn, Rand author, is attempting to forge a temporary ceasefire with an invading empire while attempting to bring together feuding kingdoms and alliances.

Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Top 10 Books by Brandon Sanderson - Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians
Top 10 Books by Brandon Sanderson – Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians

Alcatraz Smedry’s parents give him a bag of sand on his thirteenth birthday. But it’s not ordinary sand and a group of malevolent librarians who want to rule the world by concealing the truth swiftly steal it. Alcatraz must use his one skill—breaking things—to thwart them. This is one of Sanderson’s simpler stories, full of humour and hysterical “talents,” perfect for when you want to read something quick and amusing.

The Way of Kings (Book 1 of the Stormlight Series)

The Way of Kings (Book 1 of the Stormlight Series)
The Way of Kings (Book 1 of the Stormlight Series)

The legendary swords and armor of the Knights Radiant have been lost for generations. With the aid of these weapons, battles have been waged and victories achieved. One such conflict is taking place in the Shattered Plains, where 10 armies are engaged in separate battles with a single enemy while a war commander is tormented by end-of-the-world visions and a soldier-turned-slave grows resentful of the leaders who view them as expendable. One of the most ambitious meta-series in contemporary fantasy is the product of ten years of planning, writing, and world-building.

Reading books by Brandon Sanderson

Sanderson, also known as “Brando Sando,” is yet to unveil Cosmere’s ultimate goal. Expect a lot more novels from him to add to your must-read list because he hasn’t shown any signs of finishing it yet.

If you’ve never heard of him before, this piece will serve as an introduction to his body of work. It gives you some guidance on where to start, covers the fundamentals of his work, and delves into some personal aspects.

However, if you’re already a die-hard fan, you might not learn much from this. But let me take this chance to urge you to read his writings once more.

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