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5 Greatest Sidekicks in Marvel Comics

5 Greatest Sidekicks in Marvel Comics

5 Greatest Sidekicks in Marvel Comics

5 Greatest Sidekicks in Marvel Comics: A long-standing tradition in the superhero industry is sidekicks. Adult superheroes have had juvenile allies or adult heroes who were less in stature but yet participated in the battle since the Golden Age. However, the majority of people seem to associate sidekicks with DC Comics characters like Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, and Robin.

However, Marvel has had a lot of well-known sidekicks throughout the years, some of whom have gone on to contribute just as much to the Marvel Universe’s mythos as the heroes they teamed up with. Five of the top sidekicks from Marvel Comics are shown here.


5 Greatest Sidekicks in Marvel Comics - Alpha
5 Greatest Sidekicks in Marvel Comics – Alpha

For the majority of his life, Spider-Man performed alone. In New York City, he occasionally collaborated with friends like Human Torch and Daredevil, but most of the time he worked alone. That has altered recently, and he has further diversified by collaborating with many different superheroes. He even briefly had Alpha as a sidekick.

After an incident that was strikingly similar to Spider-injury Man’s gave Alpha kinetic energy abilities, he took the young hero under his wing and showed him the ropes. At some point, Alpha was prepared to live independently and took up the role of guardian for Pittsburgh.


Top 5 Sidekicks in Marvel Comics – Toad

Contrary to popular belief, villains in the Marvel Universe do have sidekicks. Magneto presided over the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in the early years of the X-Men, while Toad stood by his side. Despite not being one of the team’s stronger members, Toad was loyal to Magneto, and that meant a lot to the magnetic mutant.

Although he briefly held the position of leader of his Brotherhood for some time, Toad would essentially spend the remainder of his nefarious career working for someone else.

Honey Badger

5 Greatest Sidekicks in Marvel Comics - Honey Badger
5 Greatest Sidekicks in Marvel Comics – Honey Badger

Despite being a newer sidekick, Honey Badger has already created a name for herself. She was a clone of Laura Kinney, the mutant known as X-23, who was also a clone of Wolverine. Honey Badger would fight with X-23 even when she assumed the identity of Wolverine to support her “sister” in her struggle against evil. She only had one claw on each hand, had the necessary healing abilities, and was unable to block off the pain.

The character of Honey Badger is entertaining. Even though she has experienced a lot in her little existence, she hasn’t let that change how she feels about the world; she’s always ready with a joke and her claws for when things become serious.

Rick Jones

Rick Jones
Top 5 Sidekicks in Marvel Comics – Rick Jones

The first sidekick of the Silver Age Marvel Universe was Rick Jones. Although he lacked superhuman abilities, he has collaborated with the Hulk, Captain America, and Captain Marvel over the years (Mar-Vell, not Carol Danvers). He was the driving force behind the Hulk’s evolution into the toughest creature ever, and he also had a role in uniting the Avengers to face Loki’s danger.

Rick Jones played a significant role in the Marvel Universe for a very long time and continued to play a significant role in the supporting cast of the Hulk even in subsequent years. Even though Rick Jones lacked superpowers frequently, he yet has a significant place in Marvel history.


5 Greatest Sidekicks in Marvel Comics - Falcon
5 Greatest Sidekicks in Marvel Comics – Falcon

Bucky wasn’t Captain America’s best sidekick, despite being his first. That honor belongs to Falcon. Falcon was just a guy who wanted to improve his neighborhood and change the world; he wasn’t a highly skilled member of the black ops team. Black Panther made him a flight harness, and Captain America saved him from the Red Skull. Falcon was created in this manner.

Falcon would continue to fight the good fight beside Captain America through thick and thin. When the super-soldier serum in his body ran out, he would also join the Avengers and temporarily assume the role of Captain America. Although Falcon is no longer Captain America, he is still one of the greatest heroes ever.


Has the Hulk got a sidekick?

A made-up character named Rick Jones appears in American comic books produced by Marvel Comics. Bruce Banner/Hulk, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Mar-Vell/Captain Marvel, Rom the Spaceknight, and Genis-Vell/Captain Marvel have all had Rick as a sidekick and friend.

Does Thor have a sidekick?

The Warriors Three—Fandral the Dashing, Hogun the Grim, and Volstagg the Enormous—as well as Balder are some of his closest pals. He also has sporadic relationships with Sif and Balder. The protector of Asgard is the God Heimdall. He is Thor’s unwavering ally and guards both the Bifrost and the Asgardian frontiers.

Bonus Character


The 11-year-old girl known as Hit-Girl is notorious for using force to fight crime and using profane language. Not exactly a good example for young people, but Kick-Ass’ excellent sidekick.

She debuted in Kick-Ass 3 and is also known as Mindy Macready. When a mob lord named John Genovese orchestrated the Genovese struggle, Hit-vigilante Girl’s father perished. After using Kick-Ass to exact revenge on her father, Hit-Girl rose to fame as a renowned crime-fighting sidekick.

Bottom Line

Side characters often have an interesting role in the storyline. These support characters add up a lot. The best and strongest DC sidekicks merit the respect of both readers and their adversaries, regardless of whether they have undergone rigorous training or possess the same set of abilities as their mentors. It would be stupid for any evil, no matter how cunning, to underestimate these individuals.

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