This Close to Okay, is so thought-provoking and emotional. Leesa Cross-Smith has pen down an intensely moving novel around two strange people who meet under odd conditions at the perfect time for both of them. It’s a meeting that happened by chance that will change both of their lives in manners both of them very much need. These two couldn’t be any more strangers, however at that point, they are two people who need the acknowledgement each can offer. I read this novel in a single sitting; I was unable to put it down. Smith’s writing style was not difficult to follow, and I can actually feel the feelings of her characters’ pain in each word. I felt expectation and joy as they understood that possibly there was more to be had in this life.

This Close to Okay is told by point of view of Tallie and Emmett. Tallie is a therapist who discovers Emmett going to jump off the bridge into the Ohio river on her path home from work. She stopped her and talks him down, and he leaves with her. They wind up spending a weekend together that changes their lives forever. Much occurred at the end of the week, and I was unable to quit reading since I was anxious to discover what might occur. It didn’t end the manner in which I was thinking. This is everything I will say so as not to give spoilers.

This Close to Okay is a tale about losing all that you’ve ever needed and having the strength to reach for help. I totally ADORED becoming more acquainted with Tallie and Emmett, and was pulling for them and their individual happiness. It loses a touch of energy towards the end, yet that might be because of my opinions about the end. It’s a tale about offering a hand to strange person when they need help, even when you need help yourself. lastly, This Close to Okay is a story about letting go.

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